Friday, September 14, 2012

Sometimes I do Shower....

In my post the other day I admitted that I don't always get "dressed". Well, you will be proud to know that I met my sweet friend Katie for dinner this week and showered!

Here is my cheap grown-up-trying-to-be-fashionable outfit..........

I'm posing drinking bourbon b/c I can't do the looking off into the distance thing without going all Zoolander on you.
I'm stylish right? Peplum, check. Skinny jeans, check. Leopard flats, check. 

Watch out Vogue. HAHAHAHA



  1. Get it girl. We still need to meet for drinks. Love the peplum- where did you find it? I have been looking for one but they all make my hips look like a school bus. Yours looks cute and flattering. Happy Friday is it 5 oclock yet?