Monday, November 19, 2012

Charleston Bourbon Recap

Erin, Chassity, Julia, Amanda, Anna, Natalie, Me & Casey

I had an absolutely wonderful time this weekend. Giggle time with my unofficial Godson, girly time with Erin, and a legit Ladies Night Out on the town in Charleston.

Let's do a quick Recap (Of all the Bourbon I drank Saturday night)

1. Hotel Room Predrinking: The men in our lives bucked up and got us a room for the night knowing damn well neither one of us would be able to drive. 
Hotel Room = Halfsies on a bottle of Prosecco

2. Predinner drinks at Closed for Business. Bulleit on the Menu and a hot waitress with red hair from Alaska.
Closed for Business = 2 Bulleits

3. Dinner at Macintosh. Gorgeous spot with 8 gorgeous girls. 
Macintosh = 3 Bourbon & Diet Cokes

4. The Cocktail Club. Probably my most favorite spot of the night. No idea why we got to skip the line, My guess it was Miss Chassity! Amazing atmosphere, great bartenders and outdoor patio
Cocktail Club = 2 or 3 My Old Favorite Fall Cocktails, SO GOOD! Credit Card receipt looks like 4 but I think I bought someone a drink.

5. Stars. Very cool rooftop patio...lots of stairs. Ran into some LSU fans and sang hot boudin for them. 
Stars = 1 Bourbon & Diet, drank half

6. Trio. Felt very very old but that didn't stop me from getting on stage and booty dancing for a song or two. Not me but did dance on THAT stage.

***Intermission**** Walking down the street and ATE PAVEMENT. Walked over a freshly mulched tree and went. down. to. the. ground. I did yell MULCH just in case anyone behind me wanted to navigate away from my untimely fate. (You know, like when you are kayaking and you yell branch or rock?)

7. Rue de Jean. Miss Erin ordered Sushi but at this point I really really needed Pokey Sticks. Thanks for the picture Bartender.
Rue = 1 Bourbon...DIDN'T DRINK IT.

Verdict? Awesome night. I'm not posting this to brag about liquor consumption, mainly to use as an excuse that if you saw me out and I showed you my awesome full body spanx you now know why. Also, I am quite proud of the fact that I cut myself off and took off my contacts. Two huge grown-up moves. 

**You should not drink multiple liquor drinks unless you know your limits. Knowing when to push your drink back to the bartender is something every girl should know. Binge drinking is not cool or hip. KNOW YOUR LIMITS.



  1. Bwahaha! Way to go on the contact removal!!

  2. Nice disclaimer at the end. The lawyer in me is proud. The mermaid in me calls "BS".

  3. I always end up wasted at Rue de Jean. Every. Time.

  4. Contact removal is sooo adult! Impressive!