Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Roundup

Can't stop laughing at this one.

Ever get in a funk? I have no good reason to be in one except that I am exhausted from being with F by myself all week. I seriously don't know how you stay at home Moms do it. He won't eat. He only eats Nutri-Grain bars and always throws his milk. Maybe I should read this book


Anyways, my parents were going to come to town this weekend and go to the Denver game with me but I can't find a sitter and I'm kind of pooped. I have no idea why but I just couldn't decide what to do. Go to game? Sell tickets? Should parents still come here? And I think I settled on none of it. I have work tonight and then might do a day trip to Asheville Sunday to see my sis-in-law and watch the Saints vs Falcons (Mom and Dad have DirectTV)

I don't love driving by myself with F so wondering if I should get this.....
Yes, I have talked about it before but we watch TV. Probably 30 minutes or so in the morning and then an episode of Sesame Street before bed. I still read him 3 books!!!! But it is a good down time after waking up or trying to calm down and the show is educational right?

I really do love my red hair but I keep hearing it is hard to maintain. I'm thinking I need this shampoo...has anyone ever used it?

I drank this last night with my girl Abby. $6.99 at Fresh Market so probably cheaper elsewhere! 

Velvet skinny pants at Ann Taylor Loft sound cute but I bet this model is skinny and look at that ass...not sure this would be flattering on my booty. $69.50 but 40% off today.

I'm thinking of offering to take Christmas Card pictures for my friends (if they want me to). I got some great shots of my friends the Bryants and.............I FINALLY GOT A NEW CAMERA!!!!!!!!!! M said that I can never ever mention the fact that I have had F by myself for so many times if he bought it for me. Its my Christmas present but I got it a little happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend and WHO DAT!
Gleason is best known for his blocked punt in the Saints’ home opener last season in the memorable victory over the Atlanta Falcons.


  1. Ahhhhh, I'm hoping for a 'new camera' post soon. Please give us the det's and let us know how you like soon!!!!!

    Have a fun weekend, WHATEVER you decide to do!

  2. My advice: Embrace the television. Try Nick Jr. He'll love it. And Charlie had a full-on freak-out yesterday over Cheez-Its. As in, that's the only thing he wanted to eat all day. And my hubby has been out of town all week ... and next week, too. I'll open the wine! xo!

  3. ok seriously when you take pictures of my closet want to snap a few family pics too? I need some for our cards this year. i am exhausted too, its the time change and sterling is the pickiest eater ever. I can't wait til next saturday to let loose! Im brainstorming ideas with the girls about where to go!