Friday, November 2, 2012

I'm a Redhead! And decisions decisions...

I FINALLY did it. After seeing PIPM's gorgeous hair I decided to do it. Well, at first I did a brown wash in that I do every fall but this time it came out DARK DARK DARK. So I went to my hair stylist and was like...let's do this!

Here are the inspiration pics....

Max wanted the Isla Fisher color....that was a little too drastic for me and Kristen (my awesome hair stylist) said she could tell I was nervous so she toned it down a bit

After! I LOVE it!!!! (Pictured with a mighty cute kermit)

 Do you like it? I love it. I was playing on Instagram and I could even go more red! But I will wait a bit before I do anything crazy.

October was such a fun busy month. November is starting to look just as nuts so I'm happy we don't have any huge plans this weekend. We have a date night tonight (No clue what we are it lame I want to stay home and drink wine and watch Tivo?) Tomorrow I have to work, then we have a birthday party and possibly dinner with friends.
October Asheville trip to see Parents

Fall Color at Mom & Dad's

Sunday I'm taking pictures for Warm Charlotte. Please if you have extra old coats donate them! You can read more about them here. Then I have two sessions booked for Christmas Card photos!!!! They are calling for rain which is a total bummer but I' keeping an eye on the sky. If weather ruins the day there is always next weekend!

Also, how in the world do I pick from these amazing pictures from DuBose???

And if you had 3 yards of Lee Jofa Fern in Sunbrella what would you do with it? Roman shade for guest bath? F's big boy room with a green or khaki buffalo check? Cushion for outdoor bench? Hmmmm

OH, and YIKES! Don't forget to set your clocks when F wakes up at his regular 6:00am it will now be 5:00am. AWESOMESAUCE.

Dream watch (Needs a bit of gold in it I don't have to switch)



  1. love the red! It makes you look much more refreshed. I wouldn't say you looked washed out as a blonde, but you just look so refreshed with the red. And I love all ford's pictures but would absolutely go with the top left picture for that style of photography it's my favorite by bar!

  2. I LOVE the red!!! It looks fabulous!!!!!

  3. Love!!! Makes your eyes look even bluer!!

  4. You did to your hair what I've always wanted to do! Love it.

  5. um yes Sterling woke up at 5 today, what the heck!! Love your hair it suits you perfectly you look gorg girl! Love the Dubose pictures!