Thursday, March 21, 2013

Black Bean Pasta & a Few Randoms

This is for my friend Margaret! We tried to have supper club but the T's and F's were the only couples that could go so we met at a restaurant and had a BLAST! I think I drank a little too much wine...

I told her about this recipe (1 of 4 I make) and it is seriously delicious. My sister-in-law Jackie gave it to me and while it is pretty healthy it isn't if you EAT THE WHOLE BATCH. (like I usually do).

The recipe is Katharine proof. You saute the onion in olive oil with minced garlic and when translucent dump in the cans of diced tomatoes and black beans. Add some cumin to taste and let that simmer until thicker and pour over pasta! VOILA! M puts sour cream all over it but I prefer it without.

Also, don't cook too much pasta....the sauce is so good and you don't want it to get lost in the whole grain pasta (bleh).

So easy a Katharine could do it.

 Oh, and you should pair it with this fabulous fancy box wine that I LOVE to drink. No, its not a Chateauneuf-du-Pape but it works Monday-Friday and doesn't dip into Max's "fancy" stash.

 In other news....I'm ready for Spring FLOWERS! If this cold weather kills my buds I'll be MAD. The year we got married it snowed the weekend before Easter and pretty much killed all the new growth. Our May wedding looked more like March from a vegetation perspective.
Saving Hydrangeas from a hail storm.....

Ready for the Yorkmont Farmer's Market!

My parents have been in the Keys and have had an absolutely amazing time! Such a much deserved trip for two wonderful people!!!

Plotting the spot for the new Swingset! Just walking on the boards and running around in the yard after school makes F so happy so I can't wait to get the set installed! We picked this one from Sam's. Even though the installation sounds like a bitch it has a cute picnic area underneath and I think its a great bang for the buck. 

Does anyone drink these??? I'm obsessed! It is helping me cut back on diet sodas...

Sneak peak of party prep! Sponsored by the Dollar Tree!


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  1. this recipe is right up my alley! Thanks for sharing. Oh and I must try that fine boxed wine, as soo as lent is over. My.Gosh.