Monday, September 30, 2013

Boy Clothes (Post Smocking Era)

Its inevitable...I couldn't keep him in jonjons forever.

Consignment Sale season is upon us and I'm starting to realize the boy stuff thins out after 3T. Probably because they are so hard on their clothes...and also because it just gets less and less exciting for the boys.

Why are consignment sales such a big deal? I like to be frugal. He is going to wear these clothes less than a season and I do not have any we-love-to-spoil-grandchildren-with-buckets-of-clothes grandparents. That isn't their fault, its just not their thing. They would rather chip in for a swingset. Winning right?

So its up to me to clothe this boy and this year I'm at a disadvantage already as I missed several of the big sales due to my work schedule. Here are a few items I would like to pick up to supplement this guy's fall wardrobe. Sizes listed in case there is a fairy godmother out there.

Boden Contrast Stitch T-shirt Washed Blue/Ecru stripe $18 (2-3yr)

Boden 7 pack Sock (Tommy Myer would approve) $30

Boden Vintage Johnny Red Cords $42 (2yr)

Come on, I know it seems so1980 but these rock in the winter

Orient Expressed Blue and White Striped Football Shirt $29 3T and matching pants

Orient Expressed Pirate Red Sweater $44 3T

Vineyard Vines Boys Jersey 1/4 Zip $49.50 3T

Vineyard Vines Boys Fleece Vail Vest $55 3T

Jack and Jill Designs Firetruck Turtleneck $25.99  3T

Pisgah Brewing Kids Tye Dye Shirt $15

And last but not least....Urban Baby Runway's Preschool Sweatshirt $34.99

Way cooler than this guy right?

Any cool stores/sites that I don't know about?
Happy Boy Shopping!

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  1. Boy others have come a long way! Check out cute clothes...and sometimes h&m!