Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hair Envy and Muppets

Me and my hair right now.

Sorry for the long hiatus! I had an AMAZING time in San Francisco and Sonoma and can't wait to share the details of my trip with you!

But for now let me talk about hair. Do you ever feel like you are in a hair frump? I am. Its my own fault for getting my hair cut at the MALL. I just get so impatient and do dumb things. I miss the red but it was way too tricky to get right and way too drying. 

This is what I think I look like. BAHAHAHAHA. But my layers are too short, so operation grow out layers is underway. Now about color.... 

Typically in the fall I just wash in brown so I don't have to deal with highlights all year. Well my most recent brown has all washed out and I'm left with 2" roots and some random blonde. 

Brown perfection. Is this length too weird? Too in-between?

Scrolling through Day Old News I saw this image and it made me want to go all brown gorgeous is this chick?

Hilary Rhoda

 That is pretty much my natural color. She is not as pale as me but do you like the brown?

And then there is always she is super dark

and here she is brightened up a bit.

And totally out of left field but can we talk about the Olsen twins? Why is this okay to dress like this? That looks like a Gap boyfriend sweater over her mom's prom dress. WTF. I love that dlisted alternates between calling them muppets and gollum.

And then let's discuss Uggs. I have never owned a pair. Last year I bought a fake pair from Old Navy and I will admit they are SUPER warm. Since I work from home I would wear them all day (with socks) and on this 27 degree morning I'm kind of wishing I still had them. (I tossed after the season..they were pretty gross). Should I buy these?

What size would I be in girls? I'm a 5.5-6.

That is all for now, more tomorrow!
Frumpy Headed K


  1. I admire a no-nonsense shoulder length cut and the pin straight hair that makes it happen.

    My natural hair is Anne Hathaway's in the top picture, so you can understand why I pixie-ed it.

    I stopped the dying merry-go-round six months ago and let the natural salt and pepper happen. It's freeing, truly.

  2. 1. You know my thoughts on color, I texted you my favorite new find. It's amazing.

    2. Uggs. Invest in them. Wear them daily. Get over offensive you're living in slippers reality. Go sockless in them.

  3. Loving the brown hair, I keep going darker with my own hair and love it!! And I am sitting here in my 4 year old Uggs happy as a clam. The prettiest shoes I own? No, the warmest hell yes!! Get you a pair of the real deal, you will wear them forever!!