Tuesday, January 28, 2014

House Projects-TV "Family" Room

Family Room Perfection. Sarah at MOS emailed this picture to me and said this is 100% you. She is right!!

We have come a long long way from what our Family Room looked like when we moved in. Here is the room back in August of 2006...YIKES! (Yes, I love Ghostbusters)
That trim...ugh that trim....
Those pillows...the horror....the horror

I think the wood paneling took 5 coats of paint. And don't get me started on the brick....

This was early 2012 before throwing a friend's baby sprinkle...

Amazing what a little paint and an Ikea rug can do right? See that cane chair? I don't love the yellow and blue fabric but it was so inexpensive and I needed to get it recovered before the party. The chair was a $7 find at the Tobacco Barn in Asheville. The chair has been hiding in the master bedroom but I think it is time to bring it back down. But what fabric to put on it??

Here is where we are now. (Excuse the Iphone photos)
Looking into the TV Room from the Kitchen (This used to be a wall with a door, we knocked out this opening in 2009)

The Sofas aren't sexy but we have had them forever and they are so comfortable. And I am not replacing a sofa until it is safe from kids/dogs/babies. I know that furniture is never really "safe" but once all kids are over the age of 5 you should be good right??
From this view I want to update:
-Side tables. They are old Bombay Company and I don't love them
-HARDWOOD FLOORS. PLEEEAAASSSEEE. This carpet drives me insane. HATE it. 
-Coffee Table isn't fantastic but it can stay. It is the Pottery Barn Chloe that I scored off Craigslist for $40. Paint it?
-Those prints are pretty but not me. I have a book of Audubons I would love to copy and frame.

Ah the Toy Corner....well, one of the toy corners...
To do:
-I want to paint this bookcase white and get matching baskets for all my son's toys. 
-This window needs a bamboo shade to match the ones in the kitchen. 
-Would curtains be too much? I think it might make it cozier but can't figure it out.
-Plant for brass container.

Oh the fireplace. You just cost us $2K to fix. 
To do:
-I want either prettier (bigger) topiaries on each side of TV or sconces
-Repaint or Sheetrock
-New Firescreen....here are some ideas...

I love the brick but it is impossible to hide cords this way. Maybe we sheetrock over the brick? Look how pretty and clean...

I love the sconces on each side. LOVE. But can't do that with brick. And I think this mantle is beautiful. Our neighbor does projects like this...that mantle can't be too expensive right?


New Pretty Firescreen? (Can I spraypaint mine gold or will we explode?)

And for the summer...how awesome is this?!

Enough about the Fireplace....Back to the tour....
View of hated carpet and hated sidetables

Here are some Living Areas I absolutely love. Blue and Yellow was definitely not my plan but with a yellow kitchen and the Ikea Rug that looks like the way we are going. 

Love everything about this picture....

 Some great blue and yellow combinations. I love the roman shade but feel I should continue the bamboos from the Kitchen. And the wallpaper...I die. I am begging to wallpaper our Foyer and getting nowhere.

 Love the freshness of this room. So happy and clean. You can't tell but the curtain rods are thin brass with Carolina blue panels. LOVE. Meg Braff absolutely kills it and is probably one of my top 5 designers. 

 I would cheat and put my Bamboo shades above the window casing...it makes your windows seem larger. But loving this clean blue room.

 Perfection. Maybe white curtains with blue or yellow trim and the bamboo shades underneath.

A tad beachy but love the ceiling and again how clean this looks.

 Everyone's favorite movie living room from Something's Gotta Give

Meg Braff killing it as usual...

 How are your home projects coming along? Ideas for fabrics for the cane chair? Window ideas? Don't be embarassed...if you have a suggestion I'll take it!


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  1. Looks great! Love the idea of building around the brick. Why are fireplace screens so hard to find??