Tuesday, February 11, 2014

SEWE Weekend

This weekend Charleston hosts the 32nd Annual Southeastern Wildlife Expo. This year will be our fourth annual hang-out-with-friends-and-let-our-kids-run-all-over-Charleston trip. We do get one adults only night which I am very much looking forward to!

From the SEWE Site: 
The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition was established in 1982; the first Exposition was in February 1983. Since then, SEWE has grown from 100 exhibitors and 5,000 attendees to the largest event of its kind in the nation. Today, an average of 40,000 attendees come to see more than 500 artists, exhibitors and wildlife experts from around the world.
Its continued mission: to contribute to the local economy while promoting wildlife and nature conservation and preservation has grown in size and impact each year, making SEWE invaluable to all of South Carolina’s resources.
My first year we didn't even know it was SEWE and headed down to Charleston to shop for Wedding attire. If you need a great men's store go to Dumas. I'm not sure if he is still there but Colin was amazing and got Max in bow ties and blazers and pink pants. The pink pants didn't make it past the dressing room but we did purchase our Groomsmen suits there. We picked tan Poplin suits..they were perfect and not expensive! Bonus-There are usually either Boykin or Lab Puppies in the window. Puppy Breath is free without purchase.

Three years later we went down and stayed with our good buddies. They kick off the weekend with an Oyster Roast at their friend's house and it SNOWED! That was a low-key trip since we had my stepson with us but we still had a ball.
D's favorite part (and soon to be my son's favorite part) is the Dock Dogs competition. Every year we want to enter Boudreaux but it would take up so much time....I think he would win!!!

 Last year was quite Epic. And by Epic I mean I put on probably one of my top 10 asshole drunk displays ever. The beautiful and wonderful ladies and gentlemen from our 10 person dinner at Fat Hen have fortunately forgiven me and invited us back this year!

How could a weekend with parents and kids be so fun?? One of my favorite things about being parents is you instantly can make friends with other parents. 
Saturday morning last year we parked our strollers in front of the bluegrass stage (and beer tent) and hung out for several hours chasing each other's kids and talking about the joys (and pitfalls) of parenting. I have said it many times but I find days like that therapeutic just knowing other people are dealing with the same strange quirks my own son is going through. i.e. obsessed with "soccer pants" and the pickiest eater EVER.

Our group last year. That is my son and his godmother in the top left corner. She is the hostess with the mostest and has a gorgeous new house out on John's Island. The little boy my son is dancing with is Will and the beautiful blonde is Charlie. The kids in the bottom left were adorable and dancing with our kids on the stage. Anybody know their parents? I have a gazillion pics of them.

The kids love SEWE too because there are tons of animals to see and other kids to play with. We aren't going to the Jack Hanna show but there is plenty to do without buying tickets.

This year I'm excited to try out The Ordinary with a big crazy group one night for dinner. Other things we might try to squeeze in..... Brunch at Fat Hen, Picnic at Drayton Hall, and Max is obsessed with Home Team BBQ. Oh...and just maybe some shopping???
While drinking beer and chasing kids, here are some of the vendors I would like to check out:

Boykins hold a special place in my heart. My brother's dog Camille was the mother to my puppy Roux. He was my gift when I returned home from camp in 1988? 1989? He was the sweetest dog that ever lived. Well, him and Dewars his Yellow lab buddy. I would like to help out Boykin Spaniel Rescue as either a foster or to help with communicating when fosters are needed. 
In fact, maybe I'll shop at their tent. I think I need a few more Tervis (Lifetime guarantee my ass)

It is Valentine's Day Weekend.....

My cousin gave me one of these as a Wedding gift and my Dad has been eyeing it ever since!

We pass this place every year on our trip to Pawleys. Would be a fun place to go with friends!

Any of you going to be out and about Saturday?
Fingers crossed we can make it there!

PS-Tax Season stinks. Ben at Thiem and McCutcheon is AMAZING and takes all the stress off our shoulders. THANKS Ben!!! 

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  1. If the weather holds we will be out and about! I want a full report on the Ordinary. We haven't been yet.