Thursday, June 5, 2014

Tennis Season

I could do a whole post about these two.

Any former (High School) tennis players out there miss the sport? We are big tennis fans around this house once the summer gets rolling.

With Swiss and Latin heritages both in our family the Federer (Switzerland) vs. Nadal (Spain) rivalry has always been a fun drama to follow. My father-in-law, husband, and I all root for Federer while my stepson and mother-in-law cheer on Nadal.

We do love that snarky little Djokovic (Serbia) too

and as far as the home team, we cheer on John Isner.

When it comes to the women I typically don't have a favorite. I used to love Sharapova (Russia)

but really started liking Jelena Jankovic (Serbia) when I heard out how nice and appreciative she was. (One of our buddies drives the players at the Family Circle Cup in Charleston around and said she is the sweetest thing.)

I am also a huge Carolina Wozniacki (Denmark) fan and I hope she can rebound from her injury, first round loss, and of course....breakup with Rory McIlroy. Typical girl luck. They break up, he finally wins again, she loses. (I'm going to blame that on her injury since I like McIlroy)

During this year's French Open a 20 year old 35th seed knocked off Serena Williams in 64 minutes. SHOCKING. She has since lost to Sharapova but gotta love an underdog story! 
Garbine Muguruza is working her way to the top! Is she the next big thing??

Here are some other women to follow this summer as tournaments get underway.

The above, Garbine Muguruza-Spain

Sloane Stephens (USA!)

 Ana Ivanovic-Serbia (Used to date Adam Scott)

The Venus Sisters (USA!)

and  Daniela Hantuchova-Slovakia

But she might be better known for this..

And a tidbit about myself: I had a KILLER serve. We played this nice "mountain folk" team in High School and the girl I was playing said. "DAYUM, Yer like Agassi or somethin.....That thing smokes!". Best compliment ever. From there on out my mom would come to my matches and say Smoke em Smoltz! (We were huge Braves fans back then) She also wrote it on the bottom of all my water bottles. Stop laughing. I was a powerhouse mouse.

I was never a stellar player but loved the game and would always open my set with....
Love, Love or Love all!

I'll leave you with some Federer goodness. (I may or may not have tried to stalk him when in Basel, Switzerland)

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