Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekend Report

Yep. It's Tuesday. I'm posting anyways for my own record. I'll get my tear-out post up soon. 

I love how other bloggers post their weekends on Monday Mornings so I'm going to follow suit. My other reason for doing this is to remember what we have been up to!**

**I also have this constant worry that I will inherit Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease. Is that a ridiculous worry? Not exactly. Documenting our life and trying to remember everything we do is taking up some OCD bandwidth in my mind and this seems like a simple solution for now. So I apologize in advance if this blog is boring to most, but it will serve as a diary for me. I mean....of all people....my son's baby book is a giant pile of papers with some scribbled dates and if you asked me when his first tooth came in or when he said mama I probably can't tell you. HORRIBLE MOTHER! I think next time I'll either Instagram it (date stamp) or get one of those calendar baby books to help me plan.Thank goodness my obnoxious dewey decimal system of saving photographs has date stamped most of our memories.

So...this weekend...
Friday night we went to Cinebarre to see the Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise flick. I loved it. I'm a sucker for any action flick and this one was great. Part Groundhog Day, part War of the Worlds...go see it! It is getting horrible reviews but not every movie can be Captain Phillips or 12 Years a Slave. They just can't. Some are purely escapism and entertainment...and that is exactly what Edge of Tomorrow was and I loved it.

An article on the badass Emily Blunt here. She just jumped in her girlcrush ranking. PS-I will look this ripped by Summer 2016. Mark my words.

First up. Farmer's Market - Car Wash - Pool - Nap - Dinner and Music - Faceplant
Saturday I was solo mom and I try to get out of the house as much as possible so my kiddo will nap. This is a double edged sword because while he had a great time I was EXHAUSTED. I want to thank my parent friends that chipped in filling up his water guns or chasing him down for me. I also want to thank the pool for having a gate around the entire baby pool area. NECESSARY.

The pool is wonderful in the summer because from 10-1 he plays his heart out and then takes a 2 hour nap when we get home. (So does this girl). His naps are getting shorter and shorter....nooooooooooo.

When we both woke up at 4 our friends from earlier in the day suggested we hit Stonecrest for dinner and live music. I know everyone likes to tease us for living in the burbs but I really do love where we live. 

We had a blast that evening except for one thing. My kid is a runner. He and his buddy thought it would be fun to run all the way around the fountain pictured above. It doesn't look that long but it is. And when he would get too far away I would call him, he wouldn't come. So I would go towards him and he would run the other way. There was a gate protecting them from busy Providence Road but what if it opened? What if there was a hole? My heart started to race as I couldn't keep up (pregnant...flip flops) and he is a fast little guy. Thank goodness my friend's husband helped corral him but I grabbed him and made quite a scene in public. I'm not proud of it and got lots of looks but running away from me is the scariest thing ever. 

I sternly put him down on a bench and held both arms tight and read him the riot act about how you never run away from Mommy. (Because this and that could happen and it is a No No.) He sobbed for a good 10 minutes but then it was over and he stayed pretty much within my sight the rest of the evening.

Do you guys have a runner? I completely understand the backpack leash now. Do you have any advice on how to get him to stop?

Sunday we had huge thunderstorms (Hooray plants!) and had a nice lazy day at home.
 We got to have a quick lunch with Beano & BB who had flown in from their trip to New Orleans and then got D ready for his first baseball camp!

And for you GoT fans.....only 1 more episode??
 Has anything actually happened this season besides this? (That is a rhetorical question b/c plenty has happened but not as much as I had hoped)
If Tyrion is gone on Sunday I'm not sure I can keep watching.

Dragon Mom K


  1. I am going to stalk this post for comments. Currently SS is a runner. I go batshit crazy and flip out on her. What is up with our toddler trackstars?

    Sidenote: Started the sticker chart. It is working. SWEET.

  2. my kid is a runner. it is non stop all the time. i call him "flight risk". but it is no joke - at 7 months pregnant - i. am. over it.

  3. My son (just turned 4) was a total runner, it made me nuts, and it seemed like I was the only one who had a runner while my friends' kids stayed RIGHT there with them, so embarrassing! All I can say is that we had to avoid things like outdoor concerts, large non-contained areas for outings, etc. because it was too nerve wracking and just plain dangerous-it stunk because we missed out on fun events. BUT the bright side is by 3.5, that all changed and he finally understood that he couldn't run, it was dangerous, etc. and it's so much easier now! I am happy to report that my #2 (18 months old) is a boy too and thank goodness NOT a runner, he sticks right by me and it makes outings much more manageable! Hang in there, it will change I promise!

  4. I love seeing what you did! Ok isnt pregnancy so much harder the second time around?? I felt like a 90 year old woman so tired all the time!