Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weekend Report

We are full swing into our Summer weekends around here. I worked Friday night and let the big boys head to the movies. Sidenote: Don't bring your pregnant wife the wrong take-out food. Just don't. She cannot contain the Hulk that she becomes if there is an ingredient incorrect. It's the hormones, not her.

After some pool time on Saturday morning (the only way to get my kid to nap) we started party prep for our laid back Pre-Father's Day cookout.

Once summer starts I feel like we barely get to see our friends b/c we are all either out of town or busy with family stuff. It was a fun evening with kids all over the backyard. I don't think there is a better feeling than having your house full of people you love.

I would have friends over every weekend if it didn't involve an OCD panic attack on my behalf. But I have to say I was pretty mellow about this get together. No pinterest ideas, Pizza boxes in plain view, hell....I left the tablecloth in the kitchen! We also forgot to serve the delicious Banana Pudding (thanks EA!) until half of our friends had left and the baked beans M had been doctoring all day never made it to a plate. But we all had fun and that is what matters right? Not the perfectly balled watermelon bites that were supposed to be served with the pudding! (Thank you to my friend that told me to F Pinterest earlier in the day) Sometimes you can't do it all!

(This little boy. Goodness)

We have a timeshare bounce house that we MUST start using more. The kids loved it! My son is slightly afraid of the huge ones so this is the perfect size. Oh, and those beach balls are 48 cents at Party City. Go get you some!

I've said it a million times but I am so lucky to have made so many amazing mom friends here in Charlotte. They are not only thoughtful, kind and genuine but these girls are FUN and completely honest with me about what lies ahead!

Most of the friends that came Saturday have two kids and they made it seem easy! (I know, I know..it isn't!) But let me just wish upon a little star that my second child is as sweet and mellow as those babies on the blanket.

Or as these two sweet siblings. (I don't know how you get your son to sit and eat Janet!)

Father's Day we watched a bunch of Golf and Soccer. Are you all watching the World Cup? I had plans to do a big post on my favorite players but life got in the way. Our #1 team is Brazil in this house (Brazilian husband), our #2 team is Switzerland (he's also Swiss) and of course we cheer on USA! My mother in law makes sure we are decked for all the Brazilian and Swiss matches!

We finished off our crazy weekend with GoT. Happy Father's Day Tyrion! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH

Vamos la Brasil!!!
The only person in this house with just 1 passport,

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