Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vacation from Vacation......Beach Hangover

Not really since I didn't barely had a few drops of alcohol, but leaving home for almost 2 weeks with a very wild 3 year old is not for the weary. I know I know I know....."Just you wait". I have heard it a lot and am scared shitless quite concerned how I will handle two kids but all I know is:
1. I will be back on my OCD/Anxiety meds
2. I will not be huge and out of breath and lopsided
3. I will be boozing

so I am fully expecting two kids to be much harder to handle than one but with all that being said I'm still exhausted from the trip.

Does that happen to you after vacations? I saw on Instagram somebody used the phrase "relocation" instead of vacation. So true. I do get the luxury of not working which was very very nice for two weeks but I will say it is not the same as it was pre-kids. 

I'll be back tomorrow with plenty of f-bombs and sarcasm as we tackle the beautiful world of girl's baby clothes.



  1. I bought SS that dress for Easter. I kid. Welcome back!

  2. Yes, I get it! It almost isn't worth going sometimes. You come home exhausted with tons of dirty laundry!! It does get easier when the kids are older!!

  3. Welcome back! And it is relocating - just with half the stuff you're used to. Two isn't that much harder - the whole adjusting to actually having one is the hardest.

  4. Welcom back! Someone told me a vacation is when you go away with adults only and no kids and a vacation with kids is just parenting in a prettier location :) I'm not sure I'm ready for 2 either- but like you said I will not be tired and lopsided and I will be boozing!!