Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Hodge Podge

(Obviously doesn't apply to me right now but loved it)

I haven't done a Hodge Podge post since June but since I have a few things I want to discuss I figured it was time!

1. Thank GOODNESS for this cooler weather! 

Our first tease was July 4th weekend up in Asheville where it dipped to 53 that Friday morning. I know most will disagree but I LOVE cooler weather. I despise being hot. The only time it is really acceptable to be hot is on a beach, in a bikini, with a buzz. (Or pool/lake/river...etc) My favorite temperature is probably in the 60's. Maybe even in the 50's. I can't imagine this cool spell lasting too long though but it is a wonderful tease for Fall.

2. Speaking of Fall
Boden Dresses from Last Fall (the one on the right became a favorite!)

One of my good friends who is also due in Oct/Nov is planning on being back in her skinny cords by Christmas. She can do this because she stays tiny in pregnancy and has gorgeous long lean legs and doesn't pack on the pounds like I do in pregnancy. Don't hate her though...she gets really sick most of the first two trimesters so I think she has earned it. I on the other hand won't be back in skinny cords until probably next Fall so I'm not really shopping for Fall clothes. I've been told tunics and leggings will be my uniform. Is there a good brand of leggings that dresses and sweaters don't stick to? I've heard some people say they just wear black workout pants under their dresses! But all that said this dress is calling my name. 

Sooo gorgeous. I had never owned Boden until last year when Chassity posted the navy dress above and I wore the heck out of it. (Thank you Chassity!) I typically don't order things I see on blogs (I'm not very stylish) but this dress caught my eye and it probably became my favorite piece in my closet. I ordered a size up but got a petite if that helps with sizing. In the beautiful dress above I might have to go two sizes up? It's a bit out of my price range as far as a casual dress but I would pair with riding boots and I imagine wear it tons. 

3. Trunk Shows!

My friend Abby is hosting a Shrimp and Grits Trunk Show at her home this Saturday! Contact me if you want the information. Ford is out of smocking (husband's request) so he at least can wear these holiday shirts...right? I'm trying to hold back on shopping for baby girl for the holidays until she is here. Ford was so small we had to run out and buy preemie onesies because all the 0-3 month sizes swallowed him.

4. And I just lied.

I did order this outfit from Old Navy and maybe this dress from Gap. Everything was 40% off!! And I got this top for nursing this fall. Fingers crossed that goes better than it did the first time. Breastfeeding story here.

5. Misty Copeland

I wonder if this little girl then

knew she would be one of the leading faces of Under Armour's "I Will What I Want" Campaign today:

Go Misty!

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