Thursday, October 15, 2015

First Birthday Party Dress

Me, 1981, New Orleans

There are so many options for little girl's clothes that I get overwhelmed!! Here is a picture of me from my first birthday party. Even though it will be November I think a sweet embroidered dress is the way to go right? Since we can't find mine I will make sure to preserve hers!

I'm guessing my dress was Feltman Brothers or Auraluz so let's start with those.

Possibly add a fancy monogram?

I actually prefer her in Blue but invitations are pink!

Whew. What is your favorite?!


  1. Check out orient express in New Orleans for smocked dresses too!

  2. Ok so I'm waaaaaay behind on reading this one, but what did you go with?!? Baby Alessandra will be one in Feb 2020, and I've already fallen so far down the baby clothes rabbit hole that why not start thinking about her first birthday outfit?! I'm not crazy, right?!