Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Move to Assisted Living Part 1: BB's Send Off

The weeks leading up to (and after) moving Mom have been some of the most emotional times in my life. After we got the call that there was a spot for Mom we went into action mode and started making arrangements for BB to move to her new home. I probably spent 10 hours on the phone with my Dad and brother that week going over checklists, crying, second guessing ourselves, and trying to laugh at what we would pack.

My brother flew in on Friday and I arrived Saturday Morning just as she was being dropped off by her Jazzercise instructor (and dear dear friend) Susan. They made Mom the Jazzgirl of the month and gave her gifts everyday and took her to brunch on Saturday. Susan and those women deserve their own post one day as they are truly angels sent to watch over our BB.

It sounds morbid and odd but I thought it would be a good idea to take BB around Asheville to her favorite spots so she could see some of her friends and be out on the town "one last time".  Saturday we started out with lunch at the Smoky Park Supper Club and she got to watch the geese and ducks on the river. 
This is a funky cool spot down on the water off Riverside Drive set in a building made out of shipping containers. If you can't stop to eat at least stop by for a drink and sit outside!

Next we headed over to the River Arts District Art Walk to visit two of her favorite people, Molly Courcelle and Bee Sieburg. Bee and Molly used to own Gardener's Cottage where Mom worked for years. They are now both full-time amazingly talented artists in the Wedge building! 
"Lavender in France" by Bee

"See What is Promised" by Molly

Molly and Bee both have hearts of pure gold and are so wonderful every time we see them. I actually bought my first Bee Sieburg painting on this trip and love that I will remember the day, and my companions, when it was purchased.

After that we went to Gardener's Cottage to visit Libby Endry. Libby is like family to us and is seriously the sweetest (and prettiest) shop owner. If you are ever in Asheville please stop by her shop. It is a beautiful cottage in Biltmore Village filled with the most beautiful plants, flowers and gifts. 
She carries Juliska, Bee's paintings, Nest Candles and anything for your garden or home. BB adored working here years ago and you can tell when you walk in how perfect it was for her.

That night for dinner our friends from New Orleans were in town and invited us over for dinner. 
This is where Max and I had our wedding reception and a meal out there with these friends is always always a wonderful time. They say friends are the family you can choose and that couldn't be more true about this crowd. They love BB like one of their own and it was just a special evening.

Sunday morning we cruised through the Biltmore House grounds on our way to lunch. 

If you aren't visiting the house you can drive right on by wind through the estate via car. 
I would have loved to stop and take pictures in the Garden but time is always ticking...unfortunately.

We then headed to our faux "Mother's Day Brunch" at Fig in Biltmore Village. Fig is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Asheville. I will say that while Brunch is outstanding...make sure you go for lunch or dinner so you can order the Farfelle Bolognese. Just trust me on this one.
We had a table of 10 and all toasted to Moms (AKA BB) and just had a glorious celebration. This party then continued on to my parents' house with more wine on the deck and going through the thousands of old pictures downstairs. It truly was the most perfect afternoon. Best friends, Rose, Motown, old pictures, memories, story telling and Mom. We ended up ordering Pizza because nobody wanted to leave. 

I couldn't have imagined a more perfect last weekend for BB;  at home, surrounded by friends and doing the things she loves the most. 

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