Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Gift for Jenny

To my blogger BFF.

I wanted to get you a necklace to symbolize our amazing friendship. First I found this beauty that follows the classic lines of a BFF necklace.....

Juicy Couture Best Friends Forever necklace from Saks $68

But I thought this would look better draped over those marvelous chichis ........

Turquoise Lollipop Necklace from Bergdorf's $3,500

Stalker Girl

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Amanda Talley in the L.A. Idea House

The adorable Julie posted new images from the Louisiana Idea House for Southern Living...and I spy my friend Amanda Talley's work! Congratulations Amanda! (by friend I mean that I blogstalked her once)

I have a post on my favorite artists in my drafts section and she is definitely among them...I just haven't finished it yet...where is the time!?

You can see more of Amanda's work on her blog.

Crissie @ bugandBear

I know I say it all the time but one of the best thing about reading all these blogs is finding new ones every hour. I stumbled across bugandBear last week and to be sure it is in my dailies. Look what Crissie posted today!

How great is this outfit!!!?? I think this super dark tan I got on vacation (connected freckles) might last a few more days so this would be lovely.

Please visit Crissie & her sister Kelsey's blog!

Loving Pomegranate

My sister-in-law is from Winchester, KY...home of the best ginger-ale ever! While lounging on the beach recently she asked me if I had heard of Pomegranate.

From their website:

"Angela, with her five children and husband Antony, spends her time enjoying the rolling green hills and white fences of Lexington, KY and the picturesque beaches of Harbor Island, Bahamas. Life on the farm and retreats to the beach provide Angela with a unique vantage point for observing flora and fauna. Pomegranate’s bold color, graphic prints and ethic influences come from Angela’s love of nature, traveling and spending time with her family".
Ummm, Angela-My sis-in-law and I would LOVE to come to the Bahamas! I'll host 4 trunk shows in Charlotte for the trip!

Their table linens are absolutely stunning and so reasonable!!!! Makes me wish I had registered for white plates instead of my patterned everyday and my Juliska blue...but wait...wouldn't the blue look great with the Azure tablecloth?

Top Row:
Greek Key Yellow Napkins (set 4) $32, Turtle Twin Quilt $90, Ikat Ochre Tea Towels (2) $14, Azure Tablecloth $32-$60

Middle Row:
Ikat Lake Tea Towels (2) $14, Peacock Stamp Napkins (4) $24, Greek Key Yellow Hand towels (set 2) $24
Bee Bouquet Napkins (set 4) $24

Third Row:
Light Blue Raffia Applique (4) $40, Palm Beach Kelly Napkins (4) $28,  Ikat Blue Placemats (4) $28, Ikat Rose Tea Towels (2) $14

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back from Vacation.....

I'm working on the best post ever but its going to take me a million hours to get the images ready so here is a teaser of where I have been for the past week......

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Selena Gomez is adorable and not a Slutmuffin

I'm on vacation (can you tell from the lack of posts??) and after making my family members sign up for Magazines via a spreadsheet I have had my fair share of celebrity beautifulness. One magazine included a pic of Selena Gomez. She is ADORABLE. And someone I have no problem with my 8 year old niece looking up to. I went to do a google image search and apparently the LA Times beat me to the punch and posted on the fact she is turning 18 tomorrow....guess I know what news is!
Regardless she is edible.

Pretty and tasteful. Unlike most girls her age!

Sorry, I had to do it. I miss my 17 year old body......

More Cuteness

I was not this hip and I'm 30. Fail.

All images via google

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm over the wipe-my-a$$ with Toilet Tissue Tees....

Ruffled Tees have been all over the catalogs and in stores since 2007. We're over it! MOVE ON! Who do these look good on? (Besides those chicks)

Image created with Polyvore via Banana, J.Crew, Loft, Shopbop, Nordstrom

Two Bite Size Adorable Beauties Fighting under a Blanket....

I hope the Zhush puts this as her random Chanel Item. I'm just posting it because I want to eat them up. Dear Kristen and Rachel, do you want to come over for a playdate? Get pedicures? Have a dance party?

Image here

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blog Giveaway - Murphy Jewelry!!

I think to have more friends in Blogaville you need to do a giveaway! So here is my first..

I met Kathleen Murphy of Murphy Jewelry at a white elephpant party here in Charlotte last Christmas. Of course she swapped some FABULOUS earrings. They got stolen from me. FAIL. But once she told me she had an entire website full of pretty shiny things I knew I was three bourbons away from a BFF.

The details:
1. Go to her website
2. Pick out your favorite pair
3. Head back to my site and leave a comment about which pair you would steal from your intoxicated BFF's ears for.
4. *For extra entries become a follower of my blog! Contest ends Thursday July 15th at midnight.

I'm hoping to get to 40+ followers by my upcoming vacation. M promised me that if I did he would help me put some fancy geek code on my site.

And besides, who doesn't love fun party earrings that are FREE??? My favorites:

Yes, she does stunning necklaces as well!

**Side note, I don't want you to think this is similar to "If you open a card today we have your balls in a jar forever but you save 30%." I just want to be a popular kid on the blogreel.

***Second side note, don't hate on Kathleen b/c she looks like Barbie. The woman is hilarious and would be an instant friend of yours!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dash through Sleepy Poet

I honestly have no idea why I'm so busy but somehow I never have time to piddle. I don't have babies, I'm not in the Junior League, and we still have two months before Football season. So when I had an hour to myself a few Sundays ago I dashed through Sleepy Poet Antique Mall to see what goodies I could unearth. Below I have listed the items I would like to receive as presents for being so busy and unimportant. (Please excuse horrible iphone photos)
You can never have enough Sisal or Seagrass in the house. SP has tons at amazeballs prices.

This clock doesn't even work but I want it. Maybe if I ever have kids I can hang it in the nursery so the kid becomes just as OCD Type A as myself. NOOOO WIRE HANGERS!!!

Cute in Beach powder room? Oh wait, I don't have a Beach House? Fail.

Anybody having babies in NC? This would be really cute in a Kids room.

These are all the rage.
How awesome would this be in my house? Our last name = Fox in German.
Annoyed I haven't bought these! I've seen them popping up on blogs all over the blogosphere. Very Mad Men right?
This is now gone. I cried....real alligator tears. Wouldn't this make an adorable changing table?

Check, Check, and Check. Do I need you? No, but I would like you oh so very much.
Oh SNAP. Is that an Hermes tray????
And last but not least, this gem. I would park him in my Mud Room and make my working-from-home husband place a cocktail on the little shelf to greet me every night when I get home from work. Very tacky, but completely hospitable.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A shout out to my friends in the Big Easy..

Katrina blew, the Oil Spill is something to make you smile. This video is just proof that people from down South always see the silver lining...or the hefty white cowboy.

Boudreaux and Clotile

Tonight's Episode of WHO GIVES A SH*T

From Perez Hilton to the Superficial, we are obsessed with Celebrity drama. Why? I honestly have no clue. Personally I like to follow Rachel Bilson's style, Jennifer Garner being an awesome mom, and how Kendra Wilkinson lost her baby weight, but other than that I don't care.
So when Lindsay Lohan fell out of the normal tree and hit every drug/alcohol/scantily clad branch on the way down; I really didn't give a sh*t. And I STILL DON'T. We honestly have a million more important things going on in America, let alone the World and somehow this dumb bitch ends up on every news channel. WHO CARES THAT SHE IS A DRUNK TRAIN WRECK???? I would rather watch news about Kevin Costner trying to save the Oil spill with a ping pong ball. Silly, yes. Train Wreck, no.

Lindsay before:

Lindsay after: