Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nursery Art

Yes...another nursery post. I promise to post something NON Nursery before Christmas!!!

So people keep asking me if I have a theme. I really don't...or I'm trying not to. I can't decide though if I should stick with pastels..I have a beautiful dhurrie that was in my parents attic that is pale blues and greens. Or do I use this fabric I really really want to use and introduce jewel tones? All Blue Nursery below...

Too many decisions!!

And another area I'm having issues. I have a beautiful Fox print by Sallie Middleton. (My last name means Fox in German) But I also have this AWESOME New Orleans 1980 Rodeo print I love. However, the Rodeo print is straight 80's in the color choices. I wish there was a magic place I could take it to make it all blues, or pastel it, or get an outline made.....ideas? And the fox print is a definite. But can I mix the two in the same room? I also have two Norman Rockwell books I had imagined tearing out the drawings pertaining to children and doing a gallery wall above the crib in Ikea frames....(yes, the whole blog world just gagged at gallery wall)

From the Parents' Attic

Sallie Middleton "Young Fox" I go the economical route and stick with pale blues? Get white curtains and hopefully border them in 3" plain blue? Frame the Fox in pale silver?

Or do I buy 12 yards of the fabric I really really like, throw in some Babar prints (and my fox) and add some punch?

I did go with this bedding b/c it was on sale and matches the walls. I can still go with the all blue or pops of color....So...back to color vs pale blue...

Can I do both?

Why is this so stressful!


Because I'm not drinking.

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  1. hey katherine! i know what you mean about how stressful it can be decorating a nursery!!!!! ughhh!!! i have done it twice now and it is hard to make decisions!!!! what i have enjoyed is going with neutral walls and then accenting with bedding/art/accessories. i'm not trying to push myself out there too much but i do have a painting business called "blue chickadee" which specializes in art for nurseries and playrooms, etc. you can check out my blog if you like and see if you see anything interesting. i'm right down the road in mt. pleasant, sc. good luck with everything! love your bedding too! way way allen