Monday, December 27, 2010

Tips for the New Year from House Beautiful

I'm in major purging mode. I wouldn't consider myself a pack rat or a hoarder but I have stuff...lots and lots of stuff. So in preparation for BabyFu I am trying to get rid of anything I don't need!

House Beautiful has a great article on their website page today about ways refresh your home for the New are a few images.

#1-Clear up the Entryway. My Mudroom is a disaster right now with laundry/presents to be returned/multiple purses. Time to rethink the bench that never gets sat on!

#5-Show off your dishware. This could free up some cabinet space!! I might select a few Serving pieces and hang them in the Dining Room & Kitchen. Anybody have any good hanging methods for pieces you will actually use?

#4-Re-purpose an Antique. I currently have a piece similar and while it is not an antique I think I can get more storage out of it...LOVE this as a bar. I am dying to show off our fun glassware.

#7-Make a Home Office. I am in desperate need of this. M has his own office area but we really want to make his into built-ins in our formal living room. My area is a small spot in the kitchen. I need a place where I can have personal laptop + work laptop/monitor and then all my stationary..etc. We are running out of rooms so maybe a desk in the guest room? The only issue is when I am on maternity leave and work from home the 3rd month I will have to kick out guests....decisions decisions.

#13-Be Fancy. Well this will never happen in the master bathroom as it is a closet, but I would love a great storage piece in the guest bath. Funnily enough this piece is similar to one that has been offered to me by a friend. I really want to put it in the guest room so at least my personal laptop/stationary will have a home.

What are you working on for the New Year? So far I have put mini-martini glasses in my give away pile!

All Photos & article via House Beautiful


  1. That piece would be perfect in the guest just need to get rid of that toilet in there:) xoxo

  2. Hi, just found your blog. These are great ideas. I always need a project or two after the holidays, my house looks so bare after the decorations come down.