Thursday, January 27, 2011

Matchbook Magazine=Sprees

Matchbook's January Cover

Matchbook magazine is the newest in "online lifestyle publications" (I guess that is the formal terminology-I jacked it from their site) and I just finished taking my first sneak peak. I'm starting to get all these lovely world wide web eye candy clickers confused so I made a little chart:

Lonny = X Domino
Rue = Almost my favorite
Matchbook = A little sugary...I'm going to give them a second shot
Who else am I missing?

Haley Boyd standing in front of my 2 dreams.

But what am I dying over?? I NEED THESE SHELVES!!!! Does anyone know where i can find knock-offs? Or does anyone want to sell me some that I have to paint? These would be PERFECT in the Nursery. Yes, I know that is all I talk about. But I want it done by my birthday b/c I'm afraid this sucker is going to come early. (And my OCD is in hyperdrive)

But back to Matchbook.....Here is what they say a Matchbook girl is:

views the world through rose colored glasses • loves to throw dinner parties, but has been known to burn the roast • values eccentricity over convention • is the first to laugh at her own bad jokes • knows the cha-cha, the charleston, and the tango • paints her nails bright coral when she's feeling blue • is infinitely curious • could happily live off of red velvet cake • pens hand written notes to her grandmother • has a signature shade of lipstick • secretly thinks she may be babe paley reincarnated • received an iPAD for her birthday, but will never give up her library card • has a bucket list a mile long and dreams a dime a dozen • is smart, but never a show-off • listens to the day's forecast, but trusts her own intuition • never says no to a Sunday matinee at the theater • is quick to blush, but never short of a witty reply • has a skip in her step and a twinkle in her eye • always shares her last piece of gum

Here is a little about me:
1. I don't burn the roast, my husband is an amazing cook so I just make the house beautiful and fix cocktails.
2. My jokes are never bad.
3. I would love to pen cards to my grandmother but she is up in Heaven drinking bourbon toddys.
4. I love technology but I'm not buying an Ipad.
5. Twinkle in my eye? Only after 4 cocktails.
6. I never share my last piece of gum.

So a cute idea from Matchbook..but a little Mary Poppins for me, anyone else agree? Almost like they took a Kate Spade ad, set it on fire, and snorted the ashes right off an antiqued mirror. But please don't take this as criticism....I love my online mags and they are ALL a treat no matter what. Plus I'm moody and pregnant so I might become more chipper once baby boy has arrived.

Case in point? I want everything from the following 2 pages:

I need all of these items for the beach. Seriously doubt I will have all baby fat gone but I could wear the LL Bean bag as a cover up.

I'm DYING over those boots. I have searched high and low for awesome flat boots and I want these..of course I do..they cost as much as a breast pump.


Images here


  1. Haha! The matchbook woman seems stupid. Makes me want to puke. But the mag looks kind of cute , I'll have to check it out. Hopefully my grandmother is enjoying some bourbon toddies with yours in heaven. No idea where to get those shelves let me brainstorm.......

  2. You crack me up!! The Matchbook girl sounds like a younger, happier, nicer version of me. I am too old and grumpy too be a Matchbook girl but liked the magazine!!

  3. Too funny! I was so excited that I had a baby at the end of July because it meant
    1. I was cute pregnant and my arms and legs looked comparatively skinny
    4. the first Fourth of July of my life where I could scarf down the doritos andpotato salad on the beach and not worry about sucking in
    3. I was excused to stay indoors and wear sweatpants for the rest of beach season after babygirl was born
    4. I had an entire year to get my pre-baby body back.
    Now, it sucks. My belly is going to look much the same as I did last summer only I'm no longer housing my child. No one excuses the fat mom with the one-year old.
    I'm sure you'll have better luck.

  4. haha. love it all! have a great weekend.