Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog Love Friday-MoS Girls!

I started reading MOS over a year ago and ADORED the blog. These two ladies loved antique stores such as the Sleepy Poet, they knew all about Dixie Highway and they also knew a thing or two about fashion. What I love about this blog as while both of their homes are stunning they also admit that there is nothing wrong with a little Home Goods action or a can of spray paint.

So imagine my surprise when I go to our first book club meeting and 1/2 of the MOS blogger team is there! I probably dorked out a little and she might have put up stalker shields but Sarah has become one of my closest friends in town.

Besides teasing you with eye candy of beautiful fashions and interiors, Sarah and Allison provide you with step by step directions on some of their best DIY projects as well as have an amazing Marketplace. I sold some leftover fabric I had around the house and trust me when I say I could have spent it on some of the lamps they are selling.

Another shocker? I subscribed to Charlotte Magazine through Groupon and while I was flipping through one day there they were! Great article ladies!!

Here are a few of my favorite DIY projects they have done.

Who knew paint and some molding could transform an entire living room!

I bet they could come up with 100 lamps after visiting Tobacco Barn in Asheville! Love this horse lamp for the bar.

How many Floor lamps do you see and wish you could have one from Wisteria instead? Ta-da!

Love her chandelier in the foyer. And the stripes? Yes please! It was on my project list until I became the size of Humpty Dumpty...maybe 2012.

Please go over and peruse Matters of Style! Allison you need to come visit soon!

Images via MOS


  1. Ohh! Love all those diy lamps!! Never heard of that blog! Checking it out now!

  2. THANKS. You made my week. Love you!

  3. wonderful lamps!

  4. love a good transformation. these are beautiful.