Friday, February 4, 2011

Nursery Progress- *Warning* Very Messy!

Looking into the Nursery from the hallway

I cannot believe we are 10 weeks from my due date. The Honey-Do list now has exclamation points, death threats, and other scary notations all over it. If you are reading this I love you M! The good news is we have crossed off the following:
  • The room is painted
  • New Carpet has been ordered
  • Exciting Water Stain we found while removing old carpet is being taken care of
  • Crib has been purchased (Craigslist) and Bedding is in place
  • Chandelier has been spray painted..thank you 65 degrees last weekend!
  • Curtain fabric is off at the seamstress
  • Glider has been purchased (Craigslist) and is off at the Upholsterer
  • New Windows have been ordered
So all in all I feel like we are making major progress. Which make me feel better than McDonalds., that's a toss up.

Here is a brief embarrassing (not complete!) tour of the Nursery. I still have lots of small things to decide so please leave comments with your suggestions, opinions, or just really really nice things about what I've done so far. If you tell me you don't like something I will wish voodoo on you.

We bought this trundle bed from Pier 1 Kids several years ago. The Matlassee is from my Niece's nursery! I think we will need to replace it with all white. What do we do about the duvet? Tuck it in? Get a faux down comforter & coverlet so it lays nicer? And if I tuck in should I get a dust skirt? Don't say do it in the red squares..there is no more fabric!

The red square fabric is my curtain fabric. I need more yardage but I bought out Mary Jo's! I will be posting on the amazing curtain source I am using; she is doing soft pinch pleats to frame the window. Maybe swap the brown bamboos for white matchsticks? Yes it is very bright in this room but I don't want to feel that I am required to close the curtains for baby to sleep. The elephant fabric is my other FAVORITE. I would have done the entire nursery in it but it is $15/yard more than the squares. I have 2 yards so I'm thinking 2 standard pillow shams for the bed? Which would be an all white bed with these two fabulous shams popping out?

Yep, the 2 corners of despair. I want beautiful tall etageres in red or white but I will probably go with bookshelves from Ikea. Or one bookshelf and one of those round cheap decorator tables to display rattles, pictures...etc.

MOS gave me one of the greatest Baby Shower presents! Aren't you jealous over my new red lamp!!?? He will live on the decorator table, changing table, or the bookshelf. Thank you Sarah!

PINK??!! This smashing tole chandelier was sprayed white last weekend. I know what you are thinking..whoa fancy schmancy...but Young House Love had a good point. You want one light source that is controlled by a dimmer so when you walk into the baby's room at 2:00am for a feeding you don't blind the poor child. And I got him on a STEAL!

So goodbye Mr. Ceiling will have a beautiful chandelier in your spot in the near future! I really almost painted the chandelier red but chickened out.

Jenny Lind is sold out everywhere-unless you order it new off the internet and I didn't want to shell out $200 when I knew I could find a perfectly good one around town. I did! I also scored this Pottery Barn bedding on sale before Christmas. Its a little blah color wise so I might spring for a blue crib sheet or a red one with stripes.

These 4 Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Covers will be framed in Red and hung above the crib. You like? I bought a book for $15 that has tons of them!!

My Glider! Thank you Craigslist. And thank you to the security guard at our office building who yelled at me for shady deals with men in minivans. Love her. She said next time she is bringing back up. (The guy was in a business suit) I'm not going to use the ottoman...that would require more fabric and more $$ at the upholsterer. I have a special project for a footstool. What? You want to send me a red pouf? Done!
The little pillow for the glider is the only other thing in the room I could squeeze out of my red square fabric.

At this very moment the glider is being reupholstered in this matlassee!

What do you think of the Mirror? Leave it natural? It looks just like the Restoration Hardware ones but I bought it at High Point Market in 2009 for $45. We have had the Dresser for some time, it was a steal from Tobacco Barn in Asheville-I just need to change out the knobs. (And get the changing pad/changing pad cover/diapers/butt paste...etc.)

All of this fun stuff will be moved over to the bookshelf/decorator table corners. Do you like my little painting? Post & Gray here in Charlotte for $40!! Should I frame him? I found the tole catchall to the left for $6 at Sleepy Poet, should I paint stripes?

So that is where we are Nursery wise! It has all been moved out so new carpet can be installed.



  1. Obsessed! You are so creative and resourceful!

  2. i LOVE the fabric...the dresser would look awesome painted the same red as the curtains, I love what you have done!

  3. It's looking great. Don't paint the mirror!!!!!!

  4. Love! Can't wait to see the end result!

  5. love seeing what you are doing next. love the fabrics. the chandelier I so want :)

  6. I seriously love your baby bed! Looks great.

  7. Hmmm, does the radio silence mean the nursery is now already in use?!