Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Craving a Master Bedroom Redo

With all this nesting going on I am starting to wonder...what about my room? I don't spend much time in there, I'm out of bed by 6:15 in the morning and don't get back in bed until 10:00pm. The only other times I visit my lovely boudoir is to change out of my work clothes and toss on workout/lounge gear.

I have a feeling once baby comes I will be upstairs quite often either nursing (hopefully), sleeping, or changing diapers. And since babyfu's room is right next door to ours don't we deserve a little eye candy?

Maybe I need to hang more wall art. I definitely need curtains and some patterned pillows. Do we ever stop wanting to redo rooms in our home? I think this sudden discontent with my master bedroom is from me wanting a secret sanctuary I can retire to when I 'm covered in spit up and still wearing my maternity clothes at 6 months postpartum.

Feast on these beautiful bedrooms I dug out from House Beautiful:

Images via House Beautiful


  1. I have been hoping to do a little master bedroom revamp myself (and for the same reasons.) Does it make me a bad person (or wife) that seeing pictures of separate beds made me smile a little?

  2. You and me both girl! I've been working on our Master for awhile now! Love all the inspiration pics, I'm with Erin the seperate beds make me laugh. After Sterling was first born Matt took up residence in our guest room because he didn't want to be awakened by night feedings, since he had to go to work. Men, go figure.

  3. Number 1 - I am confident you will not be wearing your maternity clothes at 6 months post-partum! Number 2 - I am afraid we NEVER stop wanting to work on our own rooms! ;-)

  4. Love that 2nd pic (the one with the green lamps). I need a new headboard in a serious way.