Friday, July 29, 2011

Dress Sale!

I'm selling two dresses I do not ever see myself fitting in again in the near future!

The first is a beautiful Milly dress in size 4. This dress is perfect for the Fall and looks fabulous with Turquoise accents. Priced at $75.00. Here is a (horrible) pic of me wearing it:

The second is a Lilly Pulitzer dress in size 2! I would keep this dress forever but this post baby figure is not going to fit back into it! Priced at $55.00!

Please comment if you are interested and I can send you a Paypal Invoice!


Cooler Contest Winners!

Too me forever right?! I've been a little crazy. I found my phone in the fridge at work..that kind of crazy.

I googled how to do a random drawing and this website popped up. Here you go!

Congratulations Elizabeth, RattBooks, & Hinchy Adventures!

Please email me your shipping address! The closest winner wins the largest cooler! ;) Unless you would prefer the smaller.

Thank you to Polar Bear Coolers! I will probably be placing a Holiday order soon!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Too Early?

If it was game day I would say absolutely not (to the too early question).

But since it is a Thursday and I'm headed to work I guess it is. Sigh

Image here

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Butch Davis Fired

What a crazy day in Football news.....

Amid all the Pro trades & rumors now Twitter is blowing up with news that Butch Davis has been fired. I can't find much info about it but here is what I could dig up via ABC News

Butch Davis's run as head football coach at UNC Chapel Hill has come to an end.
The news came after a meeting Wednesday of the Board of Trustees and Chancellor Holden Thorp.
"To restore confidence in the University of North Carolina and our football program, it's time to make a change," said Thorp in a statement released by the school. "What started as a purely athletic issue has begun to chip away at this University's reputation. I have been deliberate in my approach to understanding this situation fully, and I have worked to be fair to everyone involved. However, I have lost confidence in our ability to come through this without harming the way people think of this institution. Our academic integrity is paramount and we must work diligently to protect it. The only way to move forward and put this behind us is to make a change."
UNC's problems began last year when the school announced it was looking into academic misconduct and allegations that players got perks from professional sports agents.
In all, 14 players missed at least one game because of the probe with seven being ruled out for the entire year. An eighth was cleared to return at midseason but decided to redshirt.
Last month, North Carolina received a notice of allegations from the NCAA outlining numerous "potential major violations" in the football program, including unethical conduct by a former assistant coach as well as failure to adequately monitor the conduct of a former and current players.

Very curious to see who we get next!

Lance Moore staying a Saint!

Wide Receiver Lance Moore is staying a Saint!!! WHEW! Let's see what else shakes out the rest of the week...

Wide receiver Lance Moore confirmed on Twitter that he has agreed to re-sign with the Saints.

“Well, it’s been real New Orleans … but let’s make the next five years even more real, I’m coming back baby. Whodat?’’

As one of the many targets in Drew Brees' arsenal, Moore caught 66 passes for 763 yards and eight touchdowns last season. Moore will turn 28 in August, and even though he is not a No. 1 target, New Orleans is a good situation for him. Moore knows the system, and he's playing with a great quarterback.

Why ruin a good thing? Moore saw no reason to. Via here

Have no idea what I'm talking about? Here are some highlights!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Blog Love Monday: Pawleys Island Posh

I am headed down to Pawleys Island this weekend. FINALLY! And for you robbers don't even try, we have the world's best dogsitter staying in our home!

I have never met Julia, the gorgeous mom/photographer/decorator who is behind Pawleys Island Posh, but I email her like she is an old friend. She is a mom to a beautiful little girl, has a stunning home in Pawleys, and is quite the amazing photographer. I am trying to convince my family to get Julia to take our family pics while we are at the beach! I'm also trying to convince Julia to come drink some wine with me...I promise I won't make you hold the baby!

If you haven't had the pleasure of reading Posh, here are a few snippets!

Her living room...I WANT that painting!

Her entrance, I love how her home is light & airy!

One of her amazing shots...I want pictures of baby Ford soo bad!

More of her photography!

Her posts are always must reads...this is brilliant.

And I always love her finds! I want one of these swing/beds on my non-existent covered porch.

Head over to Pawleys Island Posh! You can thank me later!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

California Catherine Duchess of Cambridge

They're here! Well at least in the US..I would love it if they came to the South. Kate is absolutely gorgeous...but is she a little too skinny? Probably from all the wedding stress! She makes me feel better about not being blond this summer...but doesn't make me feel good about lingering baby weight. Come to the South Kate! We will fix y'all up with some BBQ, Shrimp & Grits, Red Beans & Rice, Firefly Vodka, and Cheerwine!

I hope she gets an In-n-Out Burger!

I think she has claimed the #1 hair spot over Jennifer Aniston.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Polar Bear Cooler Giveaway!!!!!

So its 10:00am at the beach (the acceptable time to start drinking beer in my opinion..or at least bloodys) and you go prepare the beach cooler. You lug all your towels, chairs, toys, magazines out and place your cooler in the middle as a nice cocktail table. And two hours later and four sunscreen applications you realize your beer is warm. Conclusion:

1. You aren't drinking fast enough
2. You are vacationing in the Sahara Desert
3. Your cooler isn't up to snuff.

If you are a friend of mine I'm assuming its #3. My husband's good friend introduced us to the team that makes Polar Bear Coolers and I wouldn't promote anything without completely testing the product first. We have the 24 pack size and while vacationing at the beach toss a whole bag of ice in the sucker and it lasts an entire day! That's entire day sitting on a hot porch at Pawleys Island in 99 degree temps. That comes in handy when its 4:00 and you need to make Pinas and nobody is sober enough for an ice run.

So I have an amazing giveaway today!

I have 2 Red 12 pack sized coolers:

and 1 Navy 24 pack cooler:

Head to their site to learn more!

All you have to do is comment on this post and become a follower of my blog! Just leave in your comments that you think I'm awesome even though I don't post enough and that you are a follower. I will draw a winner out of a crystal bowl on Tuesday July 12th at 6:30 pm. (Cocktail hour)

I am a huge fan of the 6 pack size for lunches, field coolers for Hunting Season, and.......hauling around breast milk. Yep, I said it. And if you order the camo one nobody knows there is breast milk in there. They think you are hauling around dove breasts. Looking for something a little more girly? They monogram!

Happy Summer Drinking!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Not Guilty

Even if she didn't do it, she was the World's most horrible mother.