Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Link Dump

I have a million blogs saved on my favorites and I'm trying to do some fall cleaning and whittle that list down. I bet I've been deleted by some readers because I don't post often enough...I'm trying to remedy that!

Here are some miscellaneous links I have saved and figured you might be interested!

Blackberry Smash c/o Bless her Heart
The Blackberry Smash is minty and refreshing and just the right amount of sweet and sour.  This drink reminds me of sipping on the porch or a night out with my mama-friends swapping stories about all of the ridiculousness that has ensued since the last time we were together.

Heart Wrenching photos from the BP Gulf Oil Disaster via Boston Globe here
Go view the entire slideshow...

Isn't this brilliant? Instead of all those horrible plastic bags you have a reusable one!

I would love to get a portrait of my parents' old Boykin Roux
Story from Southern Living here

This site is great! I print some of these off for my stepson to do over the summer/spring break

This is my ultimate wish for a to-do project around here. We cannot tackle this but I wish we could!
Full story here

So do you have any links to share? Any cool fancy tid-bits?