Friday, October 21, 2011

Living Room HELP!!!

Everyone's favorite double desk image...anyone know what the rest of the room looks like? 

Okay, we have a situation over here and we seriously need some help. Several months ago a friend helped me rearrange my Living Room so my husband's desk could relocate out of the soon-to-be nursery. Now I work from home at least once a week and between blogging/editing photos/work computers I need a desk area too. There are no other spots in the house and this is the perfect room to take over since it rarely gets used. (Please excuse Iphone pics- they are messy b/c I have been home alone the past few weeks!)
And I'm in love with the paint color..its similar to a Juliska Blue but a little I'm not changing that!

Here is the Living Room looking in from the hallway

Ignore baby jumperoo and cheapo decorator side tables and mess in general

I could relocate the bar to in between these two windows in the Dining Room..but it will make it tight for people getting up and down from their chairs. So I say no. (This room is going to be painted the same as the Living day.)

My desk...currently our tailgate pathetic.

M's desk. Random empty corner

View from the other side

Main staples in the room:

BAR-I love this bar and do not want to move it. I guess it could go in the dining room (shown below) but I would love to leave it in here and consider this room a Study/Lounge/Parlor. Didn't a blogger say the other day we should bring the word parlor back?
Sofa-This was given to me by a wonderful decorator. It is cream chenille and oh so comfortable. And retails for more than all our computer equipment.
Coffee Table-Same fabulous decorator gave to me. Brown Jordan? British Khaki? I know its too big but I LOVE it.
Swivel Chairs-Also given to me by a friend. I had reupholstered before I threw a Bridal Shower and they are so cozy!

What we need:
2 Desks..that can house 3 monitors on one, and 2 monitors on the other. Yes, we need ALL those monitors.

What I was thinking...
Doing built-in cabinets on the far wall? (Where M's desk is now) My desk on the left and his on the right? I have 4 huge tupperware bins in the attic of all our books that had to go away when the nursery was set in place. Maybe put a TV in the middle of the two desk areas so when the main TV room becomes a cartoonfest adults can come in here to watch Anderson Cooper?
And I long for hardwood floors...

This is where I need your help!

Imagine the 2 ends of this are desks, the cabinet doors open and can be pushed in on the sides so you can slide under..and the lowest shelf is removed so your monitors could fit.....crazy?

Love this, but where are their computers?

Ah, what a nice simple Mom nook. Not techy enough for me.


  1. I love the idea of two built ins! You have some great staples in there for sure!

  2. yes! a built-in that wraps the corner so y'all could both work at the same time! The room I'm using as an office right now isn't insulated and it's already FREEZING out. Trying to figure out how to locate a tv and my computer desk into our living room. ahh, it's so challenging

  3. You could even have one "open" shelf all across so you can both have a giant desk along the wall.

    sorry I stalk your blog, haha