Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hoarders Topic: Cocktail Napkins

I have a confession; there are several things I buy and keep in abundance. Today's topic is cocktail napkins. The above is a sampling of a few of my favorites. If you saw the shelf in the pantry dedicated to my obsession you might suggest I double my zoloft. Hello, my name is Katharine and I am a cocktail napkinaholic.

Various Festive Napkins. Party specific monogrammed cocktail napkins are an entertaining MUST. Two great sources are The Scribbler in Birmingham and The Party Place in Morehead City.

I'm sure we all have the typical geometric, floral, and striped lovelies on hand in our pantry for an impromptu party.

Caspari pretties

 But besides having appropriate napkins for every holiday I also love to collect ones that make you snort your drink out. You know the kind I'm talking about....the type that make you feel a little risque by putting them on your bar.

For your viewing pleasure...

Do you have any favorite cocktail napkins? Any great sources to share? I must inherit this cheeky addiction from my grandmother...

Napkins via MikWright and Hatley


  1. I am a fellow napkin hoarder, too! I have the We Don't Care How You Do It Up North ones in my collection. And, there's a set like those that say, I'm Not From the South but I Got Here As Quick As I Could. I give those as housewarming gifts often to people who move from DC into Virginia!

  2. Is that literally your grandmother? Please tell me it is!!! I love cute cocktail napkins, but I only keep the geometric, etc. in my stash.

  3. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing - it's so nice to know others are hoarders, too. ....and I'm always on the lookout for napkins!!

  4. I have packs of unopened cocktail napkins- can't stop buying them as well! My problem is, I don't ever use them, because I don't want to waster them on folks unappreciative of my witty napkins!

  5. i'm that way about invitations. i have 100s. drives reid batty.

  6. So glad to find a fellow cocktail napkin hoarder. Know what place has the best selection? Tuesday Morning. I have a serious issue with this, glad I am not alone :)

  7. Yay!!! I'm not alone! But, you my friend, have got me beat on this! Awesome post :))

  8. My best friend is a napkin hoarder too. And I don't help that obsession anytime I see some cute ones I pick them up