Monday, June 18, 2012

My 15 month old Tasmanian Devil...

At least his Radio Flyer keeps him occupied and in a confined space!

I'm not sure if this is normal so please chime in but my son is a mischievous little minx. There are several things in his play area that he cannot play with. 
1. The metal bakers rack in the kitchen that holds glassware. He loves to shake this to see if things will fall off.
2. The dog's water bowl.
3. The extension cord we have plugged into the TV room (temporary fix for this ridiculous other issue).

These three areas are causing me endless chasing, yelling No, sitting him down in other areas, even a hand squeeze and he isn't even fazed. He doesn't give a f&*k. He is the honey badger of toddlers. How do you tell them No? Ford smiles as he saunters over to the hands-off areas and giggles incessantly when I grab him and say No.

One of my best friends from College came over Sunday to see Ford and his girlfriend Anna Lee and I think I have permanently scared them away from kids. I'm not sure I completed a sentence or sat still. Now I'm not saying my son is a terror, he is adorable and sweet and I love him to pieces. I'm just concerned he is plotting against me!

And to add insult to injury, I'm trying to drop these last 5 pounds so I'm giving up my wine/bourbon for 3 weeks before our family beach trip. Let's see how well that goes.

In other news here are some things I want to spend my hard earned money on just for him. Because I'm nuts.

We need 20 pairs of these...unfortunately the are sold out. Hanna Andersson PJ's

Ford loves blankets (so does his mom). Love this Rikshaw elephant blanket.

Orient Expressed..looks so soft after a day at the beach!

More OE

And more OE. Can you believe he has no monogrammed outfits yet? WTF!

Already thinking about his big boy room...


  1. Oh, poor you! This (between 1&2) was the hardest stage for me. Mine did the same giggling when I tried to discipline. It's just a stage and it will pass. Be patient and spend lots of time out of the house!!!

  2. Bad news friend it doesn't get easier. Sterling is still into everything. The other day I caught him pouring bleach all over his new outfit and brand new red keds. He now likes to hide our car keys and my jewelry and when I tell him no he laughs and when I put him in time out he laughs even harder. I think it is a boy thing girls must be easier. Have you checked Costco for the HA Pj's? That is where I always buy mine they are $11.99 as caompared to $25. and 3 weeks without booze you are my hero good luck. I won't go a stretch that long til I am pregnant again. I have no willpower.

  3. Totally know how you feel. It gets easier when you can reason with them. Beckett is definitely easier now than he was at Ford's age, at least in terms of me having to constantly watch him. Tantrums on the other hand... Just wait;)

  4. Such a fan of your blog! Passing on some love today...


  5. Could be the funniest thing I have ever read!! I can relate 100%! I have a 17month old that is only happy if he is destroying everything in sight :) and he wakes up every morning between 5:30 and 6. Good thing he is so cute ;)