Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Whining Wednesday

I'm having a bad week. So here are some random musings I just have to say to make myself feel better. It is completely fine to disagree. In fact, I'm sure there is something in my house you hate.....but just let me vent.

I'm OVER your open shelves. You think its all cool and everything but it looks like junk in your kitchen to me! Put that shit in a cabinet for the love of God!

NO! I don't want to see your coffee mugs!

This one seriously has me twitching.....someone really thinks this looks good???

Vomit. And how in the hell do you reach the top?

MODG wrote a great post on Moms + Bathing Suits. That b*tch Bethenny stole my stomach.....

On the days I do go uptown as soon as I get home the "work" clothes come off. I have no idea how you ladies wear suits & heels.

Oscar the Grouch


  1. Im not even kidding you I was seriously trying to figure out how hard it would be to take one of my cabinets off yesterday. Pinterest is brainwashing me! After reading your post I am completely embarrassed and afraid ;) no seriously I am not so neat and I don't have all matching perfect white dishes to stack anyway...Oh and I live in Pj bottoms and tights.

  2. I am trying to get out of a one piece and into a bikini. It's scary, I'm not going to lie. Relying on massive amounts of self-tanner to get me through.

    I love the interst that open shelves bring, but think they probably look like complete crap in real life. Also, I start undressing in the car on the way home from work (where I have to don a suit). I can make it into play clothes in ten seconds flat.

  3. I'm going the no-upper-cabinets route in my next kitchen.

    P.S. The woman who owns kitchen #3 is tiny. I have no idea how she put stuff on any of the upper shelves, let alone accesses them on a daily basis.