Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mile High Club and BYOL

Soccer star husband, check (M should have gone all the way!) Cute kids, check. Hot fashionable Mom? Well....oops.

Just kidding...but got your attention didn't it? We are flying to FL today...all 4 of us. F has flown before but he was a cute sleepy 9 month old. Now he is a wild16 month old....what trick do I have in my bag? Keep reading!

Today's post is a quickie...what in my bag + what is not allowed on an airplane? And here is a brief "What's in your Bag" overview:

Purse-Mother's Day gift from Husband-Michael Kor's "Jet-Set" (how appropriate) I like how I can toss sippy cups and golfish crumbs and it is still somewhat pretty.
Wallet-Target from 7 years ago. That's right. Pathetic! I would like a new one please but it must flip out to show license and have credit card slots...None of this zippered envelope stuff. Like this but with a clear spot for a license.
Makeup Bag- Gift from Mom from Harbor Specialties at Pawleys Island.
Lip Gloss- Chanel, the only thing I splurge on face wise besides lotion.
Diaper Cream-Desitin samples I steal from the Dr's office

Can you spy banned substances???

Banned Items:
Swiss Army knife, better thake that bad boy out of there.

Mini-bottles of Woodford Reserve

That is right folks. BYOL on your flight. Just order a coke + pour in your liquor and you can take any amount of toddler screaming!
Don't believe me?
3 oz or smaller in a Ziploc?


And you can cram that quart bag full!

You're welcome.


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