Friday, August 17, 2012

Dream House Example:A

Do you ever search for a house you would buy if you won the lottery? Well, we didn't win. Womp Womp.

But I was surfing around and this house popped up and it is exactly the space we need. Now don't go roll your eyes....just listen as I explain!
What a beautiful Foyer! Look at all the light from the French doors and the windows on the landing. Boudreaux (yellow lab) would run down these stairs and slide right out the front door!

I love this bright breakfast nook. Okay its larger than a nook but can't you imagine reading the paper and having your coffee in here? I don't do either but I definitely would if this was my house.

Ah, backyard parties. I would probably switch to teak furniture but look at all the space! Outdoor speakers are a must as well as a fire-pit, spotlights on the trees, a mosquito spray service and a bartender.

You can never have enough areas for entertaining...ah, there is the teak. I'm assuming this looks out over the pool. Would you screen this in?

The "study". We both work from home but since we won the lottery we wouldn't really need an office. This could be the after-dinner-drinks-room . (AKA Bourbon room) Probably need a deer head right?

Dinner parties! We could finally have everyone over in the Supper club group at the same time!

Formal Living Room....for hosting baby showers.

Very pretty kitchen, might add some glass cabinets and a gas stove. Max would love all this space to cook, I wish we could see another angle. If it is large and in charge that is perfect because you know EVERYONE always ends up in the kitchen.

Change out the decor and this is our football/Dexter/Game of Thrones/Justified/Storage Wars/Chugginton/Octonauts watching room. 

Don't you see this being our perfect house? It has 4 bedrooms (Ours, K's, F's, and maybe a sibling for F's room.) It has a guest cottage which is perfect since I really prefer to have a guest room and my Dad will finally have his own private guest bath. 

Just imagine the parties!!!!!


  1. Hahahahaha! Hilarious! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does that. ....except I'm always searching in New Orleans. THAT'S where my dream house would be!!!

  2. Dream decorating is one of my favorite pastimes, too.

    Happy weekend!

  3. It looks amazing. I dream of a house I am going to build if I ever win the lottery.