Thursday, August 23, 2012

Naughty Dirty Harry

His Security team should be fired. Rule #1 in Vegas, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. (Not that I've ever been). Are these people idiots? They didn't make the girls hand over their phones?! I would think to party with Harry you would need a blood and urine sample, family financial history and definitely be searched for any recording devices. I really don't blame him...he is in Vegas and wanted a little booty....his security team takes the major fail on this one. I wonder how much $$$ the chick made that sold these photos. Hussy.

On the other hand....did you notice the carpet?! What a beautiful and classic carpet to be in a Vegas hotel room. Well done Vegas! Do you think that is wool or a combed cotton? I can't see any rug-burn marks on the girls.

Has anyone else ever thought that a Prince Harry or Prince William (DoC) sex tape could solve World Hunger?
Harry, I still think you are lovely. At least you didn't lose a tooth, marry a stripper, go to the hospital or get knocked out by Mike Tyson.



Pics courtesy of the also naughty and dirty TMZ


  1. Haha that was so funny! Poor guy,just wanted some Vegas booty!

  2. ha! I agree his team should be fired.

  3. Cartridge
    So strange...I accept the line's of caycee..That was so funny! Poor guy,just wanted some Vegas booty!

  4. You are so funny. I am blogging friends with Carter of the Mean Mom Chronicles, and I laughed so hard when she you started talking about the carpet. That's hilarious. And, yes, that was a big fail.