Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What to Wear...LADIES NIGHT!

Um, so in 10 days I will be headed to the always amazing Charleston, SC to see my friend Erin and her sweet baby boy Benjamin!!!! Erin came to our rescue when Ford was almost three months and held him so I could shower, nap, get the picture and I haven't been able to do the same for her!

Aside from our jam packed itinerary is a girls dinner...and drinks...with Pawleys Island Posh, Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers, Hanging with the Hewitts and Erin's friend (and mine now too!) BSA! (Um PS Caycee, I'm going to buy that blouse at lunch!)

All these ladies have insane style and no doubt will look fabulous for our girls night out. Me? Not so much.

What in the HELL do women over 30 wear out these days? Remember Freshman year when all you had to do was put on your black pants and steve maddens? Then it was the Diesels. Now I honestly have no clue what women wear out at night. I'm short so my riding boots won't do me any good.....and booties look awful on people my size.

Help!!!!!! Ideas??!!!

I LOVE this look but the dress is nowhere to be found. Also, I would need heels or boots with heels.

This will be me on Sunday HUNGOVER and driving through Bojangles on my way back to CLT

 Right up my alley but not exactly saucy. And again....I don't want to have to buy a 2nd pair of brown boots for the heel.

 My outfit while shopping King Street. Not totally stylish but classy and I LOVE Reese. Plus, I'm a normal Mom

 I'm much more Jennifer Garner than Rachel Zoe...those heels look like hooker heels. 
Sorry, I Just don't get her fashion....

So what do I wear? HELP!

And I leave you with this awesomeness. Not really related but I love it.


  1. om, Reese's look is my look 6 out of 7 days a week. On the seventh day I don't even bother getting dressed. Jeans, flats and a black turtlneck? Check Check Check! You don't need to worry one bit about this "fashionista" showing you up style wise my dear. I had to ask a girl at saks yesterday what jeans were in style because I haven't bought real jeans since before I got pregnant with Wells. Oh wait, longer than that, since before I got married. Damn I'm old.

  2. LOVE Reese too. Thank you for your very sweet comment today on my family. I accidentally deleted it as I was eating my lunch and publishing comments at the same time. I apologize:) have a great time visiting your friends and on your Girl's night out!!!!


  3. I love your hilarious blog! I found it through Natalie's post! Have a great Girls' weekend in Charleston! It's going to be a cold one here so bundle up!