Thursday, November 15, 2012

Williams-Sonoma Roast

Thanks to my pal Charlie I'm CRYING over here reading this spoof on Williams Sonoma. I remember awhile back someone did a Pottery Barn one, anyone know where it is? I was so jealous b/c I say super funny things in my head ALL THE TIME but I never write them all down like these geniuses. Okay, not super funny but I giggle at myself frequently.

Here's the best...

Item #02-787713 Williams-Sonoma Cocktail Rimming Sugar

Williams-Sonoma says: "Spiced, Citrus, or Vanilla."
Price: $8.95
Notes from Drew: Why have an ordinary rimjob when you can add just a touch of Madagascar vanilla? That's how classy folk do their rimming.

I actually had a good post in the works for today but it is taking to freaking and I know nobody reads my stuff if I post after 10am EDT. Oh let's face it, nobody reads this blog except you gorgeous saucy 143 followers! I actually like some Williams Sonoma stuff but the guy has a point. 
Its almost the weekend! Are you prepping your liver?