Friday, May 24, 2013

Festival de Cannes

Octavia Spencer looks amazing! via Colorlines

Love seeing Carey Mulligan's hair down

Back in 2008 we were lucky enough to visit my Aunt's home in Provence. We happened to be there the same week as the Cannes Film Festival and my brother stashed a tuxedo in his luggage with the off chance that we might be able to sneak over there. We didn't make it to Cannes but I love looking at the pictures every year!

Look at Jessica Chastain...gorgeous! We just watched Zero Dark Thirty. She said fuck a lot and was badass. Loved it.

Here is some hilarity from our friends at BuzzFeed. And I believe they were totally on point with this:

21. Anais Monory is a beautiful woman who should definitely be on the fashion industry’s radar.

If she’s not wearing the hell out of those asymmetrical white tiers, no one’s ever worn the hell out of anything.


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