Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wednesday Pinday

So maybe setting a theme for each day will help me stick to blogging more. *maybe*. Wednesday will be Pinning day. Today my pins are stuff I want to get done in the house. (Or things I want M to get done in the house)

Pinterest is the new meth so here are a few of my strung out desires......

Desperately want this entire room. But I would gladly settle for the roman shades. Might enlist my girl Sarah to help with this.

Thinking of spraying all the frames in the work-in-progress gallery wall gold..yes? And maybe the shelves in the TV room. And maybe a side table. And maybe the black lab.

Begging M to do this in the guest bathroom...PLEASE!!!!!!!!! See how good it looks???

Would be perfect!!! And see, the guy above did it and you have WAY better hair! Please M?

Summer fireplaces drive me crazy. Its a huge gaping dark hole under my huge dark TV. Ideas? I don't want to see any gaps. A fern just doesn't cut it.

Need to gloss over our front door. It is already black, how do I just gloss it? Also need a fox doorknocker.

These would be awesome for the office.

Please M???!!! Look how organized!!!!

Dying to get the 3 huge tupperware bins out of the half attic full of books. Dead space at the top of the stairs would be money. Thoughts???

Both the Master bath (bahahaha, master my ass) and the guest bath need this. Please!

So. Today my meth wishlist is aimed at my husband. Think he will do any of these? Looks like I'll have to think of some things to bargain with.  (wink, wink, cough, cough)


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  1. I'm off to find you on pintrest and promptly repin many of these!