Friday, May 31, 2013

Party Casual

 The parents are headed to town today for our friend's daughter's engagement party. The invite says Party Casual. I always spaz out over what to wear. I wish I didn't but well...I'm a spaz. And as those f#cking Gaspard and Lisa bunnies on Disney would say, that's what best spazzes do. (I seriously hate that show. Those bunnies should be boiled in a pot by Glenn Close)

I'm thinking Party Casual in Charlotte in  June means a sundress and wedges? Or white pants and a cute top? This Irish girl can't handle the heat well so white pants might just melt off. Here are a few cute outfit choices (none of which I will get btw, just admire).

Devon Baer on Etsy

Lilly Pulitzer with wedges...cute but too momish? My mom would look fantastic in this.

Would love to be able to mix and match a-la-Blair!

This would be adorable with white jeans. Tried to find the

More Lilly, I love navy in the summer and those wedges rock! (Those are wedges mom)

I cannot wear yellow but Mom totally can. She would look beautiful in this with white pants! Via Anthropologie

Classy Girls Wear Pearls in a Sheridan French. Love this dress. Just learning about Sheridan French and now I'm in love.....just also saw this..

Gabby Dress in Fluro Pink Ikat. I die. 

Another friend of Classy Girls Wear Pearls but in Brooks Brothers. I wore this to a Christening and love it. Shocked it came from BB.

Um, all of these outfits from Troubadour. The Pink is to die for. And those blue and white pants...if only I was tall. Chassity can totally rock the yellow too. Not fair.

Another fun summer look from Classy Girls Wear Pearls. 

Not going to lie, I want the dress the little girl has on. Think I can fit in a kids 16?

Will probably end up wearing this Lilly Pulitzer dress or...

This Vineyard Vines one

And for the men..........
I love a man in a checked shirt. How about one of these, a blazer and these shoes.....

Just kidding M! I think these are the girl version anyways. Only in Palm Beach baby! (That is directed at you Beau Breckenridge)

Not party appropriate but just a shout out to Roger Pearce and Mario Aranda who both had babies this week! Congrats guys!!!

Can't wait to toast my friends!



  1. Ohh I have the pink seersucker Lilly. It's such a hard worker, church, showers, casual parties, mines seen the rounds!

  2. Yes, I think in CLT that casual in June is any one of these dresses. We must be on the same wavelenght bc I just bought the BB one to wear to little man's christening... had to let the hem down b/c it was short. I was shocked it was from BB too! Also, the vineyard vines seersucker is SO flattering and I second katie, it is so versatile!

  3. I love the first dress and the second Vineyard Vines dress. I hope the party was fun.