Thursday, May 30, 2013

Meanwhile In.....

Do you ever browse the humor section on Pinterest? I was trying to explain the "Meanwhile In" meme to a friend this weekend and rather than giggle through an explanation I figured it would be easier to just post some. Let's start with a personal one. Its "throwback Thursday" (#tbt) on Instagram so I always go dig out an old photo in the morning and came across this gem.

Yep. That's me. On the right. I think it was 1989. This is me modeling for Sky City. That's freaking right. SKY CITY. My other modeling gig? Limited Too. I know, you dislike me a little more now that you know about my modeling career. 

There are gazillions but these were the ones I could find with a quick search! All found on google images. 



  1. So jealous! Limited Too? Their leggings were the heat. As were their scrunchies.

  2. AND a side ponytail?!? Guuurl!

    The "meanwhiles" made me LOL - thank you!

  3. Oh my gosh Sky City! We had one in Charleston! My mom bought my "under-Roos (sp)," jelly shoes, and jams there!!

  4. You are such a super model. Why did you keep this a secret from me?? Dying laughing over all of these!!

  5. Limited Too. That was the coolest back in the day. You're the real deal!