Thursday, June 20, 2013

Father and Son Bathing Suits-Tom & Teddy

I has taken quite an amount of pleading to get M in a printed bathing suit. He prefers your old standard solid color suits and I guess there is nothing wrong with those but I just LOVE a fun summer suit. 

Unfortunately for M I also love when Dads and sons wear the same suit. Here is my brother and nephew...the suits were my gift to them for Christmas several years ago. Freaking adorable right?!

They live in West Palm Beach so Lilly is an all year round staple!

Vineyard Vines Stripe Stretch Board Shorts (I prefer men in trunks a tad shorter but M likes these)

But other than the crazy expensive Vilebrequin (LOVE these) But $$$$$$250

what is a good site for Men's suits? 
I bring you Tom & Teddy!
See?! How cute is it when Dad and Son match?

Dad-Salmon $84.95
Kids-Salmon $49.95

Or throw in a solid to mix it up. This will be you soon McMillan family! 
Kid-Rosebloom $44.95

Precious right? This is probably my favorite print.
Dad-Blue Green Fish $84.95
Kid-Blue Green Fish $49.95

And if your hubby isn't into BADASS printed can go with the standard solid trunks!
Boys Tomato - $44.95

Dad Tomato $79.95

I'm in the process of trying to convince M that he and the 2 boys need these this summer!


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