Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Pinday-Let's talk Hair

Great side bangs....and LEGS. Yowza
**Warning, this post has lots of pictures of me. Sorry! Had to show you guys what I'm working with. All images from the wonderful world of Pinterest.

My inspiration this fall...also killer side bangs. And waves. And personality. 

Hair over Christmas...see, I'm totally twins with Emma

So last fall I went with the red. I loved it in the beginning but the red would fade so fast and each time I went back it got darker red. The lighter red only happened b/c I still had highlights from the summer and once several shades of red were in there along with my highlights fading it was just too dark for my complexion.

The day after my birthday I went in to my favorite hairdresser (who I have used for 5+ years) and we put brown back in (WAY too dark) and added some blonde highlights. ****supposed to be light brown/dark blonde highlights**

And then...disaster...

The black towel she used to dry my hair after washing was covered in WHITE HAIR. TONS of it. Like bleach blonde hair in huge chunks. My  hair had broken off from too much color. I died a little. And I didn't say a word and neither did she.
This was post-bleach apocalypse. I put on a brave face.

 I went to a hairdresser I had seen years ago in Asheville to get some advice on what to do and she saw the breakage and wouldn't touch it with color...this was Easter weekend. She did put a toner on it to calm down that white but said to wait 6 weeks....
Finally started to lighten a tad...but still way too dark.

6 weeks later I got my hair colored by a great fabulous new hairdresser. My hair is on the mend and she is being super careful with it and I'm due for a trip tomorrow. I haven't had a cut since March so of course I'm contemplating the summertime chop....decisions....

This happens to be my husband's and BFF's favorite hairstyle of mine. Honestly I think it was the water or the air in France. I've never been able to make my hair look like that again.

France hair.

So what should I do tomorrow????
GREAT long Bob and side bangs. My friend AS did this and she looks amazing. Sooo tempting!

Badass side bangs. Love her. 

And as soon as I cut my hair I will see a picture like this and say Noooooooooooooooooooo. Still have not figured out how to do these curls. Abby or Erin....please come teach me.

Cute hair length. 

Good long side bangs. She always looks like she is thinking about sex. During Rush one of our descriptive words for a possible pledge was "over-sexed". Remember that girls? We used it quite often.

LOVE her side bangs...but mine would probably curl up without product. Also love her. Can we be friends?

Badass long side bangs. 

Of course I had to do a Jennifer Aniston post. Remember her short hair from Friends? And she hated it?? I kind of loved it.

So what do you think? Chop? Side bangs? Leave alone and wear like this...
Too Pleasantville?


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  1. Can't wait to see what cut you do- anything will look good but word to the wise when I did the long bob last year I was immediatley ready for my hair to be long again. I would be envious of anyone I saw with long hair! Ok you looked so Parisian Chic in Paris!