Thursday, July 11, 2013

Orient Expressed's New Fall Catalog

Um, not sure if you got your Orient Expressed Catalog in the mail yet but OMG. And I HATE saying OMG. 

Our last name means Fox in German and look at this adorableness!!!!! Only issue is do I just order a 3? He is almost 2 1/2. Hmmm. Or do I order a 3 and 4 and 5? hahaha just kidding. Sort of.


Also Need. This I could really buy 3 sizes of its so cute.

Sure, I can handle orange..... I'm not a Clemson hater. Could be used in October and maybe to Thanksgiving with a dapper sweater. 

Yep, need. 

Yep, need also. But why no Saints gear for boys? Maybe a cute Football shirt with a naked picture of Drew Brees? Kidding. That's for me.

Pirate Ship and Fish Sweaters, $44 each.
Need both. With those pants. 

I have been banned from the Longalls...which is hard for me but I get it. However...what if we have a second and its a boy? We totally need the Fox Longall right???

If you live in Charlotte and need to go to a Trunk Show let me know! I have a friend that does them and I'm sure the dates are coming up soon!

And if you are annoyed that I didn't post any girl guys get all the fun anyways so just go look at the're TOTALLY screwed b/c its ALL cute.


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