Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rent the Runway for a Wedding

Definitely need a dress I can move in. Because you and I both know I'm a phenomenal dancer.

We are headed to a fabulous wedding in August in Asheville. The Wedding is at 6:00pm and is black tie optional. I have not been to a wedding since 2011. That's right...2011. The year my son was born. The year I was still heavy and pumping and should have been dumping.

I wish...its $$$-Oscar....

I also wish, but $$$$-Valentino...

So...what do I wear? Here are some gorgeous picks off Rent the Runway. I have never tried RTR before but several friends have and loved it. And MODG does it all the time so it should be good right? The only issue is I'm short so I need to pick a short dress so I don't have to worry about hemmmmmming.

Help! What do you think?

Shoshanna Mabrey Maxi Dress

Love...too beachy?

Badgley Miksha Fifth Avenue Showstopper Dress

Probably a tad too flashy if I'm greeting people at the Church

Theia Fuchsia Palm Party Dress

Trina Turk Seashell Bateau Shift

One of the reviewers wrote a great date night dress. Maybe not a good choice.

Shoshanna Love Affair Dress

Is this see-thru? Yikes.

Issa Plunging Pink Wrap Gown

Not sure this would work with the girls...last time I wore a low cut dress was my rehearsal dinner...

Spilling out a tad but I swear it looked great. Tibi 2007. We are both crying after my Dad's toast.

Robert Rodriguez Peony Lace Shift

I'm concerned these dresses do something funky where the lining gapes under the lace. Yes? No? And the reviews say it is a little large in the middle so you will need a belt. That adds too much stress.

Diane Von Furstenberg Mint in Manhattan Shift

Vera Wang Tulum Waters Sheath


Kate Spade Aubrey Wrap Dress

This one is actually my favorite. Boring yes but can dress it up with fun jewelry and definitely dressy enough.

Shoshanna Lace and Love Dress

Issa Oahu Flower Maxi

LOVE LOVE but I'm so short and can't hem bummer.

Milly Prim and Proper Bow Dress

Love it, but boring?

So what do you think? Should I try to find something to buy or try out this whole renting thing? Or does a 5'4" and under friend size 2-4 nearby want to lend me something fabulous? HA! Let me know if you have tried RTR!
Rent the Runway has a special running now for $25 off your first rental use code FIRSTRTR25X754.


  1. Katharine - I LOVE Rent the Runway! I've had nothing but very positive experiences. The free back-up size is great, and definitely get the second dress for $25. Let me know before you rent so I can refer you and get credit :) Also, make sure you use a coupon. If you can't find one, I have a couple for $25 off and free shipping. GO FOR IT!

  2. I think you should go with the Shoshanna Waterlily Louise Dress. It's higher waisted than the others, which I think is a safer bet with your petite frame. Plus, those colors will make your eyes pop. I would avoid the shifts in the line up if you want to dance. Raise your arms and the hem goes with them in a shift (especially ones without a defined waistline).

  3. First dress is clear winner despite $$$$; love the last LBD very much too. Not nuts about the long dresses and a pain on the dance floor. The black lace one is lined and is cute, too. They are all pretty great. Best of all is you and Beano!