Friday, August 30, 2013

Carter's 50% Off Labor Day Sale!

I haven't been shopping in awhile. Besides groceries and one dress from the crazy Lilly sale my checkcard has been bored with groceries and Target trips. This is mostly due to us being on a spending freeze. Why?

  • Saving my extra dollars to spend in New Olreans next weekend!
  • Unplanned trip to San Franciso in November! I am going for work but M is going to fly out and meet me and we will try to hit up Sonoma that weekend.
  • Several home projects lined up for this fall.

Natalie had posted about this cute fleece vest for her son Sterling and it is $15 today!!!! Hit it up! Here is what I ordered. Sad that we are gravitating away from our smocked outfits and dressing more "boy". 

And No, you can NEVER EVER have enough fleece. Just ask Tommy Myer.


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