Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Serious Purse Discussion

Let's have a frank and serious talk about purses.
Several (10+) of my friends own this bad boy. The Louis Vuitton Neverfull.
In the Damier Azure or Ebene. Large $980, Medium $940. 

It is gorgeous. It will hold up for years, and it is HUGE. Plus...Reese has one. Enough said. 
(So does Heidi Montag but we won't talk about that now)

Amanda has one too

So does Kristin

So does Miranda
M if you are reading this the purse is down by her FEET.

I want it. But is it worth the huge pricetag? If I had a second kid would I use it as a baby bag? 
Or would I put everything in gallon ziplocs before putting them in there for fear of getting it dirty??

Love the monogram

Confession: I carry around my big camera. It is silly and ridiculous but I love taking pictures and you never know when a photo op is going to happen. 2nd Confession: I have never owned a clutch. I have received them as gifts but never ever used them. How do you fit a Canon 60D in a clutch?

These are the requirements that must be met for purses:
-Huge interior
-Shoulder straps
-2+ interior pockets
Yes.....I understand that a Medium LL Bean Tote with Long straps almost meets this criteria.

Last year I bought a Kate Spade off the Facebook resale site Perfectly Preppy Resale. There is nothing wrong with it except the fact that there are a few scratches on the outside which leads me to believe it isn't a real Kate and I got conned AKA I'm an idiot.
Last year's purchase but in a medium brown.

I have a plan B (listed below). Or do I suck it up and by the LV? And by suck it up I mean work so much overtime from now until Christmas that I meet M halfway with it. I mean, if I used it for the next 10 years and didn't buy any other purses then it would be worth the investment. Also...large or medium?
Or do I buy a more reasonable purse(below) and get a new pair of flats and a new jacket? (M, if you are reading this I really want those flats and that jacket)

Julia, Natalie, Caycee and I had a text convo over this one. 
I saw these purses at a store in Pawleys but didn't know the name. Of course these three girls all wrote back who it was immediately. I love the Taupe so when I did a Pinterest search the gorgeous Aspiring Kennedy popped up. 
At $295 its nothing to shake a stick at but I could use this gorgeous bag all fall/winter and then get the mint for spring/summer. Right? ;) And the can monogram it!

Thoughts? Any other good ones out there that meet my criteria?
Here are a few more....

Well done LL Bean!

Interior Pockets? Not sure. Beautiful bag though.

 Not sure on handle length

Found the image below on Pinterest. I mean.....$700 difference goes a long way. But will people just say, oh Kat, you couldn't cough it up for the real thing? Or will people even give a shit? I know the answer is no...nobody cares what purse you have. NOBODY. Only us crazy women care. But if it is truly a good investment then it is a good investment..bottom line. Right?
PS-If you are one of my friends with the LV I hope this post didn't offend you, I LOVE your purse! 



  1. So I got the Speedy 30 years ago and have never regretted it nor ever drooled over another seasonal purse since. I have, however, debated the bigger purse decision for three years now for the same reason you debate. My advice, "buy the best you can afford and you'll only cry once"

  2. I prefer the one by And George. I'm not into labels though. I like things that are great quality and will hold up for years, but I don't like flashy labels (Tory Burch is about the only obvious label I purchase).

    Check out The Enchanted Home blog... I sear she just posted the same bag (And George) today. If not it's almost the same and it's only $375 and it comes in some really pretty colors.

  3. Buy the LV. I saved up and two years ago bought the large neverfull. I bought it right after Christmas so that way I had Christmas money to put towards it too. I paid all cash it was a good feeling and good investment although are they really $980 now? I swear I paid $750. It is also easy to wipe down the inside and works great for a diaper bag. I have never regretted spending the money ever. I really like the Gigi New york one I am contemplating getting it for baby two. Love the monogram on it. You work hard for a reason get your first choice purse if not you will always regret it.

  4. I carry the monster Foley & Corinna "Jet Set" (seriously, you can fit Bolivia in it). Except for the shoulder strap issue, it would be perfect for you.

  5. I do love a beautiful large purse....but for everyday I can't do without a crossbody. The bigger it is the more I put in and the more my shoulder starts aching! I have to have a small purse to monitor myself:)