Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blogger Christmas Shopping at The Zhush

The adorable Sue from The Zhush posted a question on her blog asking what you like to buy for other people. I typically like to give a gift with meaning. It is lame-o but I usually frame a photo I have taken over the year for my friends. Two of my best girlfriends get magazine just happened that one year that is what they wanted and well....Amazon auto-renews so after I get the reminder email in October its too late to change my mind! (PS-Merry Christmas Lauren & Elie!)

Sue's gift ideas from The Zhush

I think the best gifts are things you won't buy for yourself. I hate to spend money on candles and these are always an EASY gift for me. So is Chanel Lipgloss in Spark. Pretty much any home decor items, pajamas, lotions, perfumes, make-up...etc...are great ideas for someone like me b/c I dread spending money on those items. What types of gifts do you like getting? My sister-in-law would tell you I'm the easiest person to shop for and I think she is right. I'm easily amused so I'm pretty much elated at just opening a present!

Gorgeous right?!

Since Sue asked this question I decided to go through her shop and see what I would buy as gifts (or what I would like to receive!)

These are so neat and would look great in my office over my desk. I'm a Pi Phi girl and our symbol is the Arrow.

Etoile Scarf. $14.40 
Too adorable. I would have this on today. My friend invites me to her girls white elephant party and last year the scarf was stolen 4 times!

Watch out Jackie, I might get you this. (My sister-in-law is also one of the easiest people to shop for)

Too fun! I was just given a new wallet by a co-worker but this is adorable

My mom used to wear a pair of earrings like this every day. Love the simplicity.

Spoiler alert Jackie! Another killer gift for my sis-in-law. 

 I have two friends due any day now, one that just had a sweet baby boy, and two more that are expecting question marks. This would be a beautiful baby gift!

LOVE. What a luxurious gift to give and receive!

What do you like from the Zhush?



  1. This just blew me away! Wow, thanks so much!XX

  2. Great ideas! The arrows are pretty awesome and I am always down to give/get a magazine or a candle.

  3. Oh my. Love, love all this beauty!