Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving-You Can Blame the Calendar This Year.

I have always stuck to the principle that you wait for the Christmas Explosion until after Thanksgiving. I adore our Thanksgiving tradition of 30+ inebriated related fools in a cabin in Arden. The food is to die for, the company is the best and the setting is out of this world. See?...

This isn't even everybody! 

*I would never skip over this awesome holiday for the commercialized bonanza that is Christmas. I am a little bittersweet that I will be missing our traditional Boylan-Cowart-Myer-Fuchs-DeBlasio Mountain Thanksgiving this year but I can't complain too much as we are headed to Florida! 

I typically do not stray from my strict regimen of family holidays but we haven't spent a holiday with my brother in a long long time so we are overdue! Plus they throw quite the party down there and F is in LOVE with his cousins and we do not see enough of them!

*So here is my issue...

1. I have never hosted Thanksgiving. I don't even make a dish for it. We buy the oil. That should show you how many good cooks there are in our group since The Fuchers only bring oil. It is hard to get revved up about Thanksgiving decor and Cornucopias if I don't do a thing. (My Aunt does it all as far as decor goes and let me tell you something..she does it right.)

2. Thanksgiving is late as mathematically possible. It can fall between the 22nd and the 28th and we are right smack up against the end of the month. I won't even be in North Carolina the last 5 days of November. 

3. We have another trip planned the first weekend of December. Would I normally leave on such a busy month? NEVER...but I swear I have a really good reason for it.

4. I do ALL our Christmas decorating. I beg for help with the tree but its useless. Last year my Dad so kindly put the lights on our tree but that is only because I was in the ICU.

5. I throw an annual Ornament Swap party and between work being slammed and a crazy toddler I will only have a few days to get ready.

So with all these reasons(excuses) I am making an exception for 2013 and hauling the Christmas Stuff down this weekend. Don't hate me. I wouldn't normally do this but let me tell you something. Its a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS TO DECORATE YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE.

That's me. (Bitch please)
A fun pain in the ass, but still a pain in the ass. I put on Love Actually and booze and spread Christmas cheer all over our humble abode but it is a LOT OF WORK. And if I am going to spend all this time turning my home into a Winter Wonderland...shouldn't I leave it up for more than 3 weeks?

So..... I'm sorry Turkey Day but this year I need to get a jump start on things.

Any Moms out there feel the same?

Elf from Hell

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  1. We pulled our tree out last weekend. This late Thanksgiving is just begging to be overlooked.

    You need to get your booty to Charleston on the 7th for the annual birthday dinner with Caycee and me!!!