Friday, December 6, 2013

Merry Christmas to Us!!

Our good friends have been asking us to go on a trip with them for awhile. This isn't just any trip. It is a very magical amazing trip. (No, not acid).
This most recent time they asked us there happened to be a sale and we figured what the heck. We only have one kid right now (still debating on the 2nd) and instead of spending money on house stuff we decided this trip would be our Christmas present to each other. Because lets face it..... a vacation together is way better than the front door we gave each other two years ago. 

So...starting Friday at 1pm we will leave F in the care of his maternal grandparents for the first time ever and head to the Tennessee Mountains. Don't worry...Boudreaux has the best house/dog sitters around!

Merry Christmas!

I will do my best to stay OFF my phone while I am there so expect a full report when we return. Until then read Three Pixie Lane's review here. (Our weather will be nothing like hers but I am totally content staying indoors by the fire and drinking bourbon while it monsoons)


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