Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chocolate Chip Nutella Sea Salt Cookies

I should title this the best damn cookies with the worst cooking instructions but here we go...

My friend Margaret made these for our supper club and we devoured them. I think there were only two left over and as soon as the last taillights were seen headed out of our neighborhood Max and I played the Hunger Games to fight over them.

Lucky for you (and me) this recipe is so easy a Katharine could do it.

Grocery Store List:
1 Package of Pillsbury Pre-cut Big Size Cookies
Coarse Sea Salt (Sea salt is buy one get one at the Harry Peter right now)
Additional items:
skim milk for cookies
a pack of pastel mentos to eat while you work the following day
Oh...they have Little Debbie Christmas Trees...keep walking
a huge diet coke to drink after the cookie swap party you took the cookies to since you will be hungover


1. Get a pan. Spread out those cookies. (That's what he said)

2. Flatten cookies a little. Not a mammogram smush but a stepped on a roach with a croc smush.

3. Put dollops of nutella in the smushed cookie.

4. Pinch cookie back up to cover nutella. Don't mix the cookie and nutella too much. I pinched mine kind of like a hershey kiss. That melted.

5. Bake as directed. The wrapper says 13-15. I did 11.

6. While Cookies are still warm sprinkle on the sea salt. I probably went a little overboard on the sea salt but some of it falls off.

7. Pour a big glass of milk (or bourbon) and enjoy your cookies while watching the Walking Dead half season Finale. WTF!!!

8. Wake up the next morning mad at yourself for eating a dinner of carbs. (Especially when you are going on a trip with 3 taller skinnier hot chicks)

9. Realize life is short and eat the leftovers for breakfast.

10. Open Coke. Start working.

Fat Kat