Monday, April 28, 2014

Rewards Style Conference

Where all the fun was being had this weekend. 

Did you notice a good percentage of the blogs you read were all in Dallas this past weekend? They were all attending the Rewards Style Conference and having cocktails, taking pictures, being girly, staying in a nice hotel...pretty much all the most awesome things you can do. 

To say I was a tad jealous would be an understatement but I do not belong with those ladies because:

1. I am not stylish. Clothes get a pretty low priority around this house...

2. I blog as often as married couples with kids have sex.

That being said it still looked like a lot of fun! Two takeaways from stalking everyone on Instagram

1. There were lots of pictures of adorable girls in gorgeous clothes (i.e. Brighton Keller, Caitlyn from Southern Curls and Pearls) but they are just too young for me. I'm not sure about y'all but I find it hard as a 34 year old working mom to associate with the blogs of pyt's (Pretty young things). Not that my mom blogger friends aren't drop dead gorgeous, but I can relate to moms much much more than girls in their 20's. Example: Brighton's Kate Spade Tiffany Blue dress....I want it but have absolutely NOTHING to wear it to. As someone who works from home I'm frumpstargalactica 5 days out of the week. And my weekend wardrobe is pretty pathetic too.

2. Caycee KILLED it in this red dress. I'm sure she will give an outfit recap this week. Check her blog to see! And look how they are all glowing, tan and beautiful. I think we could all use a weekend with our friends at a pool! Right?!

3. Breakfast in bed is underrated. So are huge bathtubs. Neither of those happen in this house. 

Congrats to all the girls I know that went. It looked like an awesome weekend!

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  1. haha wish you could have come with us. You would have made it way more fun! xoxo