Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow

This week is the Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow. We are lucky to have the nicest friends in the world that take us with them every year. I wish I had more pictures of our trip the first year but that was when cellphones were completely banned. They have eased up a bit on that.
This year we can't do our Saturday trip with them so they kindly gave us tickets to use for either today or tomorrow. It looks like the rain is going to ruin most of today so I am hoping tomorrow will be nicer!

The only bummer of missing today is the Pro-Am day is one of my favorites. You can still bring in a big camera (Cameras are not allowed starting Thursday) and I love to try to get shots of all the stars. 

John Fox with a huge smile and his Denver gear last year

Close up of Bubba

Pic of Rickie for my nephew

The Course at Quail Hollow
We first went to the tournament when it was the FedEx Cup. Our FedEx rep at the company I worked (Thanks Eric!) gave passes to my boss and since he couldn't use them he gave them to me. M and I headed out there and hung out in the FedEx hospitality tent, drank free alcohol and kind of kept to ourselves. We walked around the course and followed a few players but didn't really have a "ball" because we didn't have any friends out there.

The next year our good friends invited us to come out with them and that was an incredible experience. I had a 1 month old but said what the heck and away we went! 
I will say that if you have access to the Clubhouse it makes it much much easier with kids. You have an easier way to change diapers, access to LIQUOR, and places to breastfeed. Saturday with these friends is so much fun because the men can be all into the golf, and the moms can have a few margaritas, chase kids and enjoy girl time. (And follow Adam Scott)

Speaking of breastfeeding....guess who whipped it out right off the 3rd green (in the woods at a picnic table with a nursing cover).  THIS GIRL. Too bad that didn't make ESPN.

But I digress..

The Tournament is such a fun experience. I mean, you have day drinking, people watching and Sports. 
Two years ago we went with my son's girlfriend's parents from daycare (we call her his girlfriend) and they introduced us to the Quail Hollow drinking game. 

The short version is:
 Drink for every attendee in cleats. It is unreal how many dudes dress like they are going to tee off. 
Drink for every Master's hat. 
Drink for every Master's shirt. 
2 Drinks for girls in high heels (seriously ladies..WTF). 
 1 drink for inappropriate attire... AKA jeans or hoochie dresses.

Are you  headed out there this year? Here are a few of my favorites since there is no Bubba this year!

Rory McIlroy (with fiance Caroline Wozniacki)

Local Charlotte Golfer Webb Simpson

 Adam Scott. DUH.


 And good ole Phil Mickelson. I have liked him ever since he wore a beeper waiting for his wife to go into labor.

But my real favorite golfer is this guy:

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